ARCANE EPISODE 5 REACTION | 1×6 | League Of Legends "When These Walls Come Tumbling Down" | Netflix

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46 thoughts on “ARCANE EPISODE 5 REACTION | 1×6 | League Of Legends "When These Walls Come Tumbling Down" | Netflix”

  1. As a non-league of legends player, I absolutely love this show. I personally believe that this is one of the best animated series ever, (second to like, star wars the clone wars and a few others), and definitely the best animated adaptation of any game series, and possibly better than any live action adaptation too. Amazing reactions too from you guys, keep it up! Loving it 😀

  2. Yup, the guy helping Cate with Vi's medicine/potion was the nerdy guy with glasses in the early episode at the bar that was getting cheated, but Vander's stands up for him. The "don't mess with the guy who pours the drinks" was the line Vander's said there, making sure the guy with the glasses got his full payment.

  3. Pause, the guy Viktor met as a kid his the creator of Shimmer who Silco employed. His face got scarred when Powder blew up their hideout. His name is Singed and hes a reaccuring character. His tie in to Viktor and other characters actually adds a whole different level to the story of Heimerdinger

  4. Young Viktor's mentor is not a new character. He was Silco's associate that was testing shimmer with the mouse on the first episode and that was caught in Powder's explosion on the third episode. That's why he's so scarred nowadays.

  5. To clarify about Victor's headspace (and this had already been implied) is that he now realizes that the organic matter will not survive this transition, because normal physiology rejects the severe change that the arcane puts on its subject.

  6. Have a question for everyone 🙂 It looks like we forgot about one character in this show. Who was the mage who saved Jayce and his mother in episode 2? We totaly forgot about him. Just a theory… could it be new version of Victor from future? Just a thought 😀

  7. So the scientists little Victor met & assisted asca kid is The same scientists the works for Silco the creator of "Shimmer" so he's technically not a new character we been seeing him on the show, i believe his name is "Singed".
    Also the creepy lil guy with the glasses that help Caitlyn get medicine for VI is "Harp" the nerdy long hair white guy with glasses that Vander helped out at the bar when those 2 thugs tried to screw him over with a deal in Episode 1.

  8. Everyone was just waiting for the sisters reunion and kept it in the edit for it is one of the most important scenes. And these guys' editor casually skipped the reunion 😅 lol

  9. Rio was dying. In order to keep the mutation alive, the cave scientist did whatever that was required to achieve it. Now, Viktor realized that he has to do whatever is necessary to keep himself alive and who knows about the transmutation phenomenon better other than that guy. That was the epiphany that Viktor had in that sequence. By the way, that cave scientist isn't a new character. He was the scientist who was working with Silco in Act 1 experimenting on Shimmer before Powder blew it up. He was caught in the fire. That's why his face was covered now. It was partly burned. Also, the mutation that was derived from Rio was the Shimmer. That's why he's being juiced.

  10. I guess many people miss the fact that the scientist that victor meets when his young is the same guy that made shimmer an was in episode 1 with silco. An was burned in episode 3 from the explosion from powders bomb.

  11. the dude victor met in the cave, he said the creature is mutated and dying, and the last time he saw it he said I needed to make the mutation alive making the creature not pleasant to see. And that is the same one who's with silco experimenting on the shimmer at the end of episode 1, oh and also in the game the doctor named Singed. and guess now we know why he's called that he got caught in the explosion on episode 3


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