ARCANE League Of Legends REVIEW – Netflix Series Is GOOD?!

ARCANE League Of Legends REVIEW – Netflix Series Is GOOD?!

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49 thoughts on “ARCANE League Of Legends REVIEW – Netflix Series Is GOOD?!”

  1. I very much enjoyed the series, been recommending it to friends, and telling them to get past the first 3 episodes as thats when it stops being black and white and many shades of grey, its no kids tale and has got some Grit. 10/10 good series

  2. Spot on i'm not a huge anime fan but i do on occasion watch something that catches my eye, you are right that animation is going away from the hand drawn stuff and moving into cell shading which i'm not excited about. I have played the League of Legends game the art style of Arcane is amazing and even though i'm only 3 episodes in I can tell it's going to be fantastic. They didn't shy away from the grittiness and make it a rated pg or g type of show.

  3. I loved it. The animation was beautiful. The characters were all well written and complex. The world was engaging and I wanted to see more. The steam punk aesthetic was brilliant. I loved how colourful it was. I liked that it had so many female leads and all were good characters and not self insert Mary sues. They struggled and fought hard. The male characters were treated very well too. I think the father/daughter dynamic was handled very well. They didn't overdo it with the romance. Action scenes were very well choreographed. I can't actually think of anything that I didn't like. It was even very racially diverse but it worked for the setting and world as a massive city with frequent travel. It didn't preach at you about anything. Just wanted to tell a good story. Also it handled jinx's mental illness rather well IMO.

  4. I'm a fellow league player and I can safely say this is an amazing story for diving into the origins story of jinx (powder) and echo and vi and how magic was forbidden and science was the main focus of the lifestyle of piltovers rich and powerful and the undercity being crime ridden full of poverty and struggling family's.
    Great storytelling great art great animation and perfectly executed for new people wanting to learn more about league of legends and fellow fans of league so riot did well .

  5. I Just watched it this week. Arcane was actually good. The music, the animation style and the storyline were just good. A bit heavy on characters sometimes (I am not a LOL player) but the series was fun, steampunk with magic. The Dota series on Netflix(I play Dota 2) on the other hand was a bit bland. Familiar animation style, somewhat flat on colors and a bit to fantasy on the story line. Now; I will always play Dota 2, this series will not get me to play LoL but the animation of Arcane makes me wanna see more of it and that is good.

  6. Little factoid: That song that plays in the background during the end of the big grand finale of the season is sung by none other than the great, STING. Thats probably why you loved it so much.

  7. I’m in the same boat in that I know nothing about the video games and it’s lore, but now that I’ve seen the show I really want to see more of what it has to offer. Definitely would love to see more characters’ stories in this world.

  8. I think its a must watch. Me and the wife loved it, and we know near nothing about League of Legends. Well, we know the music, which we’ve liked for years, but still haven’t touched the game.

  9. I've seen the entire 1st season, took 3 weeks, I don't normally rewatch stiff but by the time the entire season was out I binged it all in 1day.
    I'm not a player of LoL but this series is very good. Really looking forwards to seeing what the fallout of Jinx's missile attack on the council is going to be.
    I know who the main chars like Vi, Jinx, Victor, Jayce, caitlyn, Echo & Hiemerdinger will become though and it all seems to be shaping these chars into that.

  10. I never played LoL either. Still have no interest in the game. But this series is insanely good. Indeed, it's the best piece of media I watched this year.
    BTW: Supposedly it's mostly NOT CG(!!!!).

  11. I’m not familiar with the lore outside of this series but I was invested by the middle of the first episode. The animation is very much off the beaten path and it’s beautiful. The characters are compelling and Im so mesmerized I can’t wait to see what’s happening next. The action, writing and music are excellent as well. If anyone isn’t watching this I don’t know what they’re doing! 👍

  12. I also know nothing about the games and stuff, and I watched it all with interest. I do wish it would have brought it to an end, but of course they wanna continue it so… cliffhanger. Really like the characters, the action was pretty cool, great animation.

  13. Definitely been waiting for You to talk about this.
    As I mentioned previously the score is powerful, The best part is the intro by Imagine Dragons
    I can listen to that intro all day.
    The animation appears to be photorealistic. The part where Jinx was breaking down. Kind of fucked with My head a bit. Because it looked too real for an animation.
    I definitely highly commend this because it's not trying to be anime even though it has some traits. It stands very well on it's own.
    The beginning like I said reminds Me alot about Peter Pan and The Lost Boys
    Love the character developments of Vi's journey and Jinx. But I like Jayce better he appears to look identical to Bruce Wayne. But I guess it's the version of Bruce Wayne if he was a GQ model.
    I was pissed when Jinx got all her friends killed accept Vi
    I really loved the character of the surrogate father of Vi and Jinx. it was tragic (Reminds me of Thor) that he died and his brother who appears to be an incarnation of The Joker
    seeing his chemistry with Jinx kind of appearing to be like a Joker and Harley Quinn vibe was very interesting. But he got killed accidentally in the process which kind blew from there.
    Vi tends to remind me a lot of Ellie from The Last of Us and she even sounds like her. Which is Fucking Crazy.
    Jinx is what appears to be if Cammy and Harlot Queen did a fusion dance
    What I don't like again is this obvious feminism shit.
    Vi steels Thanos Infinity Gauntlets and refuses to give it back to Jayce and tries to confront him. What a Bitch then this forced lesbian relationship with her and the blue-haired cupcake girl (which I had a couple of them just now)
    If a woman likes a woman it is what is, to each their own. I don't need a Fucking lecture on LGBTQB 101. It's not an integral part to the story.
    But anyways the Season Finale left on a cliffhanger where a rocket is sent to blow up Jayce and his Girlfriend I hope he doesn't end up dead. Because he's My Favorite character of that series. But if he ends up dead, then I'll pass on the series


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