Arcane SAVED League of Legends

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30 thoughts on “Arcane SAVED League of Legends”


    Silco aimed at Vi! I don't know how I missed the bullet hitting Vi's chair on my rewatch. My misinterpretation comes from Silco's constant betrayal and endangerment of his own people including the children (threatening Marcus' daughter, not caring about the ginger boy who died and then actually ROASTING the mom about it later). When Silco is confessing to Vander he says "A Thousand Times I've imagined this moment. Never like this. All we ever wanted. The boy didn't even haggle. And what do I lose but problems? Is there anything as undoing as a daughter."

    Jinx overhears him and, as she SHOULD she freaks out and thinks she's being betrayed because at THIS moment it sounds like Silco has made his mind up. Silco shooting at Vi may have preserved them for a little longer; But honestly, looking at his nature, I don't know how long that would've lasted.

    Which actually makes it MORE tragic because we're left to wonder.

    Still a 10/10 ending. Sorry for the slight misread.

  2. I really wouldn’t say „saved“. More like „brought new fans for ONLY the Series“ and „divided the fanbase“. It absolutely brought over new interest in League of Legends, but most people who liked the series ain’t gonna try out the game and i say this because most non LoL people like different Youtubers and my friends all liked the show, but wouldn’t give the game a try. So i guess it’s more of an attention grabber for their new projects like the fighting game and what not.

    And divisive because the show has done so many retcons and ignored so many facts of the old hardcore fans that they immediately deem it an alternate universe story. And let’s be honest, LoL was never in a critical state where it needed „saving“ and it sure af ain’t gonna save the game from continuisly being the most toxic filled game on the planet.

  3. I was so invested in Viktor's story that I actually fist pumped and yelled "Hell yeah" when I saw him running on his own, it legit made me tear up a little, I felt like a proud father for some reason haha

  4. Silco was a bad person, but he was a pretty great dad. He supported Jinx, let her explore her passions and– at least from their perspective– tried to keep her away from people who hurt her. Don't forget that as far as he and Jinx know, Vi abandoned her for good, and just wants her back because she's useful now

  5. Silco shot at Vi because he realized that Vi was hurting her without knowing, bringing back her demons by talking about Mylo, Claggor, and Vander, In that scene you see Jinx being overwhelmed by monsters (which is a call back to the story Vi told Cait about their monster game).

  6. I had a similar moment introducing Arcane to my 68 year old mom, and if there is one thing that I didn't think would ever happen, it's being able to share the fascination of a modern fantasy IP with a baby boomer that only ever wants to watch reruns of Frasier and Lifetime Original Movies. I loved answering all her lore questions such as "Who is that talking hamster and why does he have a smaller hamster with him?" and "what is the sexy Russian guy's name again?" and "liar you said there weren't going to be lesbians in this"

  7. Ekko said to Claggor that he knew about Jayce because he bought some materials from him and didn't even negociate. And then Jayce doesn't even negciate with Silco in act 3 when disscussing the independence of Zaun

  8. I've been waiting for this Act 3 video for a good while after it happened. I truly felt like getting back into League after watching Season 1, buuuuut I dont have the means to do so, regardless, to say that I was excited when they announced Season 2 was an understatement. I am so hyped and I can't wait to see what happens after the attack on the council. By the way, what do you think about some theories going around that Vander is Warwick? Would love to hear your thoughts on that, even though Warwick's lore says he was a different person? I dunno, but I'm looking forward to the next video, Skooch!

  9. To be completely honest, I see Vi's dilemma to shoot Cait as very poor writing. I understand if there was hesitation if you were to shoot a loved one but for fuck's sake their relationship blossomed way too quickly and it just felt forced instead of believable. Like, they knew each other for, what, 3-4 days and now they love each other? What about Powder? Vi said all these years the thought of Powder kept her going and now she's given the opportunity to get her little sister back and she's gonna throw it away for a girl she met a week ago.

  10. From my point of view, the problem with league was that the amazing lore they had wasn't really that appealing or accessible for casual players. The stories of Runeterra and the characters are a way to bond with the characters, yet in LoL, people only see the "mechanical" aspect of these characters, what they do in-game.
    What Arcane did was creating a meaningful way to bond and to love the champions, to understand in depth the how and the why of their identities. And that just makes you want to play these characters in the game, and by that makes you want to play league of legends.
    Truly well played Riot


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