ARCANE SEASON FINALE REACTION | 1×9 | League Of Legends "The Monster You Created" | Netflix

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22 thoughts on “ARCANE SEASON FINALE REACTION | 1×9 | League Of Legends "The Monster You Created" | Netflix”

  1. I'm pretty sure if Jinx didn't hijack everyone, Silco probably would have revised his deal with Jacye to give himself up in her place, even if Jacye didn't want that. Silco is likely gone, they were only able to revive Jinx because she was still alive after her bomb went off. Silco got riddled with bullets and went out right there.

  2. I'm addicted to watching reactions to these episodes. The more I watch the Silco scene talking to Vander… The more that scene plays out like Shakespear. Finally understanding that a lifetime of suffering and work still comes up short when it compares to the look in the eyes of a daughter. Silco is actually saying he has won, but can't follow through with this sacrifice and finally understands the decision Vander made those years ago.

  3. Loved you two's reactions and commentary. I might subscribe to the patreon for a month just to watch your additional thoughts. One thing I've not seen anyone mention is Arcane's use of bridges as a motif. There are so many standoffs and fights between two sides that we are almost always encouraged to empathize with. And yet, when the time comes for Arcane's characters to actually connect with someone with a different perspective… a time to cross that metaphorical bridge through dialogue and mutual understanding of how difficult it might be for each side to act, a fight ensues.

  4. About the creature hanging from the ceiling in the finale – SPOILERS WARNING






    Creature shown is supposedly Warwick, who is an in-game character/champion that was created by Singed (the mad scientist from the show).

    His description from LOL lore:

    Warwick is a werewolf that is ''drawn to blood, and driven mad by its scent. None who spill it can escape him''.

    Uncaged Wrath of Zaun: Though many think of Warwick as no more than a beast, buried beneath the fury lies the mind of a man – a gangster who put down his blade and took up a new name to live a better life. But no matter how hard he tried to move on, he could never escape the sins of his past.

    Memories of that time come to Warwick in flashes before they're inevitably lost, replaced by searing echoes of the days he spent strapped to a table in Singed's lab, the mad chemist's face looming above him.

    His world a haze of pain, Warwick could not recall how he fell into Singed's grasp… and even struggled to remember a time before the suffering began. The scientist patiently carved into him, installing pumps and hoses to inject chemicals into his veins, seeking what an alchemist always seeks: transmutation. Singed would reveal his subject's true nature–the deadly beast hidden within a "good man".


    So the possible SPOILERS part is: The body that Singed is been experimenting on, that ultimately becomes Warwick, is supposedly Vander's body, as it is hinted at that Warwick=Vander from his LOL lore description that almost matches Vander's character in the show as well as:

    -from the show: Vander is known by ''The Hound of the Underground''

    -from the game: Warwick has very specific voice lines to both Jinx and Vi ;

    to Jinx: "You were there, let me forget"

    to Vi: "The fear in your eyes, I've seen it before" – "Who taught you how to punch?"

    -from the lore: "Warwick struggled to recall a single memory from his past… All he could see was blood. But then he heard a little girl screaming. Screaming something he couldn't understand. It sounded like a name." – this could be a reference to the finale of Act 1 between Powder and Vi.



    I'd say its about 99.9999999999% that its Vander=Wawrick, it just makes sense as to why they Ned Stark'd my man so early.


  5. council slaughtered with their eyes closed as mels mom would say.

    kill her (jinx) now, and only one must die, let her (jinx) live and you may need to kill thousands. and now theres gon be war.

    mels mom speakin facts frame 1, all em experience coming thru.

    fight? i think they cut out to easily show how long the fight was taking, specially cuz they showed vi tired takin a shot and sevika also tired in the booth. like irl, people cant keep fighting 20 mins straight, they need breaks too.

    interesting where this goes, specially if they kill caits mum, will she be full of vengeance? ruined relationship? idk, they really put a lot of dangling plot points unfinished on purpose haiiiyyaaa

  6. Silco is DEAD. Reason Jinx was able to come back was because she was barely alive before her surgery started. Silco is DEAD and in not barely alive. He cannot come back. If he can, I'd be shocked.
    [ Spoilers ]

    Okay so maybe he could come back to life because Vander is suppose to be Warwick …
    But Vander was juiced up on a ton of Shimmer and I'm pretty sure Shimmer is keeping him alive. I doubt Shimmer and bring people back to life like that. It's never been explored yet that if can do that, but we do know it has the ability to keep dying things alive in impossible odds.

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    Arcane is a masterpiece. A chef's kiss

  8. Silco basically became everything that he initially hated Vander for, only to be in the same situation as he was, the willingness to give up everything for the sake of his "daughter".

  9. do people just not talk about Jinx as much because she’s one of the main characters..? I can’t think of any other good reason why, she is just masterfully written in every way. Of course they all are, but… come on, she deserves a lot of love too lol

  10. No episode was wasted and had a stepping stone for the future. Even the sad parts where we wish didn't happen. For example hiemerdinger, getting kicked out of the council, this opens up his future story where he works with ekko, also doesn't place him in the council room when its about to be obliterated.

  11. if you pay attention
    vander/warwick is hanging upside on singed lab while looking to his locket of his daughter..oriana..oriana maybe will introduce to season 2 then mel back shine like gold hinting the she is a solari

  12. the reason why sevika didn't betray silco, is because silco is actually fighting for something, he has a goal (nation of zaun). but the chembaron don't, they just want money, that's it, they don't fight for anything.


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