Are Video Games Getting Worse?

Today, Coolnugget looks at old and new games to see if video games have truly gotten worse. #videogames #Mario #nintendo -Socials- Twitch: …


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5 thoughts on “Are Video Games Getting Worse?”

  1. how is death stranding bad thats your subjective opinion. i don't like the game either bad thats what Kojima wanted the game to be. I hate breath of the wild because of the weapons break mechanic but thats because i don't find that fun but does that mean breath of the wild is bad? no that depends on the person playing and saying games are evolving because we can have good story with gameplay like that has not been done for ages and good gameplay is subjective same with story. games are not getting better or worse, there are as many crap games back then as there are now and great games happen all the time but most important, all games are subjective everyone can have their own opinion don't matter how old or new the games are.

  2. To be honest, quite a few games now a days are pretty much companies trying to milk a good franchise so they can get more money. Take the newer CoD games and the newer generation of the New Super Mario Bros. I also think there are some companies that are just cash grabs in general (I'm looking at you EA). But I honestly think that game story, gameplay, and just the overall fun of the game is effected by passion. I watch a lot of dev logs of smaller game makers and their games are full of passion and they look amazingly fun. And there are hundreds of thousands of indie games that are amazing. And I'm not saying that big companies are bad at making games. I'm just saying that the passion of the company and/or leader can make or break a game. Take Super smash bros. Masahiro Sakurai is very loving over his work and is very passionate over his game, and as you saw, the game came out great and the olders ones are great too. (Let's not mention that one tho).

    -Edit: Sorry for making such a long comment but this is all just my opinion.


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