ARENA Road to MASTERS | Apex Legends

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ARENA Road to MASTERS in Apex Legends

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36 thoughts on “ARENA Road to MASTERS | Apex Legends”

  1. I gave up on Arenas, hit D4 like a month ago and it got boring running against 3 stacks preds or masters. So only way winning was using L-stars and Longbows all the time and it got boring after doing the same thing over and over again…

  2. I don't wanna fucking TOUCH Ranked Arenas again. I got fucked over during the placement matches already (shit teammates, NO teammates, sweaty smurfs, hackers, etc), and it threw me into Silver III, fuck that shit.

  3. Man punch be taking all the good arenas teammates. I always be out here getting level 29’s and 30’s. But it is most likely due to the fact that it’s skill based matchmaking and the game sees me as bad. And it ain’t wrong

  4. I can confirm, got diamond yesterday.
    enemy team – masters preds 3stack
    my team – level 50-80 with 100 kills max. how do these people get in D4 lobbies anyway?


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