Ash Is Next Legend In Season 11, Blisk Is After (Apex Legends)

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Ash Is Next Legend In Season 11, Blisk Is After In Apex Legends according to all the information in the files regarding the titanfall 2 villian and creator of the apex legends games. Ash will be the first playable legend introduced from the titanfall series due to the numerous code introduced but Blisk also has a ton of code and files dating all the way back to when the game was first introduced and has been updated constantly throughout the seasons of apex legends indicating that Respawn has always been working on Blisk and that he is a legend they have been working on introducing into the game for a very long time.

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36 thoughts on “Ash Is Next Legend In Season 11, Blisk Is After (Apex Legends)”

  1. I remember that Shrugtal posted a file that said something about an ash hollow spray for S11,
    Do people not realize she's kind of the main announcer in arenas and we've had hollowsprays of her before

  2. This is pretty exiting news to hear I just love to hear it! One thing though I really want to be excited for is fixing servers and matchmaking problems as that’s been a problem for such a long time I am hoping for fixes.

  3. Bruh am I seeing this right? horizon was almost a character that isn't absolute cringe? I literally don't know how to play any other legend at this point but GOD is she annoying lmao

  4. Everyone saying a legend cant have wall run capability..have you not played shadow mode? Wall run is already in the game code..would be a simple copy and paste…anyway I wouldnt mind seeing ash or blisk in the game..let's go


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