Asmongold DELETED in His FIRST Shadowlands Arena – PvP is SO FUN! (ft. Mcconnell)

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Asmongold and Mcconnell step into the arena for the first time ever in Shadowlands, PvP is actually fun once again and the duo is enjoying it too. Some of the best PvP classes atm seem a little bit too OP and will obviously need some balancing but that is only to be expected after an expansion release. Paladin is actually not at the bottom of the PvP Tier list!…


Shadowlands Battlegrounds, Shadowlands Arena

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47 thoughts on “Asmongold DELETED in His FIRST Shadowlands Arena – PvP is SO FUN! (ft. Mcconnell)”

  1. The way i see asmongold is the same as i see lars ulrich in Metallica. Lars is a shit drummer but a good entertainer, so if you see him as a good entertainer its all good. The same apllys to carrygold, hè bad but atleast hes having fun and earns a few bucks and irl items with it.

  2. plate should eat the full stun and actually feel like a tank, leather wearers should have highest stun resistance, cloth wearers eat full stun but with 1 stun escape on a cooldown, and mail wearers in between leather and plate. armour classes should work, not just against physical defense, but as an overall defense… hows that for outside the box… not serious.. cya. 🙂

  3. I havent played retail for years but it just seems like every expansion has the same PVP system, You play Plate, or Demon hunter and dominate, or you play anything else and get steamrolled.


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