Asmongold Reacts to "The Biggest LOSERS of Warcraft" | By Platinum WoW

THE LITERAL @#%$%#& GOD! Asmongold watches a video by Platinum WoW, who explains in the most hilarious way possible the World of Warcraft lore about the biggest losers ever in WoW, the Trolls! From before Classic WoW to the modern day…

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42 thoughts on “Asmongold Reacts to "The Biggest LOSERS of Warcraft" | By Platinum WoW”

  1. Yea i actually don't like how Blizzard likes to position trolls as quite the loser savage thug & gangsta civilisations with rarely any critical part to play with the grand Azeroth story.

  2. A number of things that PlatWoW says is inaccurate. So not all of what he says in his videos is true. For instance, Llane Wrynn never openly admits to his father what he and his two friends did, nor does Barathen just charge blindly into battle. There was actually a pitched fight at SW's gates and on its walls before eventually Barathen take a small force to try and charge out the gates on horseback intending to strike directly at the Troll's leader. And he almost succeeds, despite being outnumbered.

    (These next two are from the previous vid plat did) Anasterian, was not Dath'remar's son. He was his great grandson. This next one is a bit touchy for me, because although plat technically gets this wrong, he only gets it wrong because blizzard retconned it, and I loved how it was before the retcon so I wish Plat was right on this one: The blood elves WERE originally portrayed as largely using fel magic with that being why they had their eyes glowing green, but they retconned this to something like the process of draining magical energy from other creatures somehow tainted it or some shit. I hate it. So much.

    That being said he does clearly at least try to do his research. He is also definitely entertaining, and that's what really matters.

  3. myè fiurst dislike for yu lame alliance boy ! you hate troll one of the best race on wow fuck you for that lame boy you should studfie more abt giant and olmec civilisation or mayans culture this ppl was wiser' than all the hunmanity ………

  4. guys just for you to knwo this big warr against troll or mayans with human really hapend thousand years ago thgat why the mayan or the so called trolls disapear from earth they reused the story with meldiv in reality it was kukulkan ….

  5. RIP for the dragon people exterminated by the grey or the so called trolls if yu think abt it was is a troll our days people trolling around itzs just the hiden face the truth is étroll" are an ancient giant race who elave on earthy that why they really suffer in wow lore becaus rthey did irl so respect them or i will curse you all you kids respect the dead this fucking people built the pyramids and stuff wake the fuck up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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