Back 4 Blood Gameplay Showcase


17 thoughts on “Back 4 Blood Gameplay Showcase”

  1. ok so here's what I dislike about B4B so far:

    . the gameplay is your generic cod-like fps, as compared to L4D's gameplay with no sprint and no ads that supports run'n'gun style, which I personally find more entertaining and more suitable for fast paced survivals like this one

    . the level design is unfortunately similar to L4D2 with how open and roomy the levels are, unlike L4D1's claustrophobic design with it's narrow indoors and tight dark allies that make panic attacks harder and more thrilling

    . the infected aren't fun to fight, the special infected are pretty disappointing and don't work well together (L4D had pretty nice combos for the special infected like charger/hunter+spitter or smoker+jokey)

    . survivors don't talk much or interact with their surrounding (not even pain grunts when they're hit), yet they're pretty generous when it comes to cringy one-liners

    . no soundtrack. I know it's an alpha but it's still concerning that they don't even have any kind of material to showcase this late in development

    I'll still reserve judgement for now, though

  2. Am excited for the new Left4Dead title… I mean Back4Blood. Hopefully they'll add more to it before release though. Alpha stage aside, as it stands now in this showcase, it seems to be severely lacking in multiple ways. The zombies seem to function like they were copy pasted from left4dead and just reskinned, considering only three of them were shown (excluding the "ogre") the special zombies look to be severely lacking mechanically, the stretch between safe rooms looks like it might be a little short but that's more of a personal gripe, and movement seemed a little clunky in the videos as well.

  3. Looks ok! Not much decoration in the area. The explosions and other special effects looks al the same. Because of this it looks like an older game.
    My advice:
    – Better special effects on moving objects and while shooting.
    – Work on decoration of area's and empty walls.
    Looks like an promising game. Keep going guy's ✋

  4. This looks honestly like shite. They really need to make the lighting darker. It’s very unfortunate where the game community is going. The guns look like shit. Like wow. This is horrible. Just no. This will definitely get pushed back.


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