Bad Change to PvP Gear and Honor Vendor in Shadowlands – How It Works

After the recent Shadowlands update, the new honor vendor and it’s gear is being time-gated behind the renown system. Not to mention the cost of this gear is simply absurd; requiring a massive amount of honor. And although the rated conquest vendor is shaping up to great, the honor vendor requires a serious revamp before the launch of the new expansion. Otherwise, PvP players will be forced into doing mythic + dungeons before stepping into rated arena. Please share this video if you agree with what is being discussed. Thank you!

Original Video – Shadowlands Battleground Experience:

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0:00 Intro
01:17 Honor Gear Costs
04:37 Time Gating
07:25 Item Level
9:07 PvE vs PvP
11:05 Reduce Cost
12:11 Comments
12:55 Feedback


29 thoughts on “Bad Change to PvP Gear and Honor Vendor in Shadowlands – How It Works”

  1. Another great video. Remember how insane it was to get a piece of Wrathful gear in Vault during Wrath? N that was with good IL, a PVP stat, and easier to grind. Why would they just drop that gear in your lap back then. And make it soo hard to get Pve gear through BGs these days. Because let's face it, without a pvp stat its just pve gear. Its still completely dumb. They might as well just put the pvp trinkets on the vendor and forget they even tried.

  2. From my experience pvp players dont care about stronger gear or somthing why not just rise or lower the gear you have on to ilvl 200 for everyone in bg or arena problem solved for everyone

  3. Hold up…Wait up….. Something ain’t right. Isn’t that where blizzard made a mistake with corruption because as a play I felt like it was such a time gate. Not only did I not wait for my upgrade to drop I had to also hope it get my BiS corruptions on it as well. Now I did take a break before I came back like few weeks for corruption vendor came back. but IDK what do you guys think? 🤷🏾

  4. Blizzard Activision don't respect WoW players time at all and is why I unsubbed. They make so many things grindy for no fucking reason, it soaks the fun right out of what's supposed to be a game.

  5. Great calculation and sharing Stoopzz. Can't agree with more on this. If this continue, BLZ don't really even bother to bring back everything they've done in PVP aspect in Shadowlands. Why bothers we may all say it. If BLZ don't know how to calculate, indeed I really don't have so much time playing the content I want and end up quit or observing.

  6. I completely 100% agree with you! it's not only going to take you and other known streamers to make this change, it will take all of us! Everyone go to the forums and voice your opinion on this please!!!

  7. The time gating is a huge problem. But let’s not pretend pressing queue BG and watching YouTube is the same as doing a M+ with 4 other people and no auto queue system.

    The time invested for equivalent gear from unranked pvp should be much greater than required for m+ if they reward the same item lvl.

    BGs are on the ease of access and difficulty level of world quests. To compare queueing a BG to completing a m6 or higher the first couple weeks of M+/raid is disingenuous to say the least.

    It would be insane to offer the same level rewards from these activities with the same time invested. Let me queue 90 hours of BG just don’t fucking time gate me if I do it

  8. i think this is good. you actually have to play the game, to kickass in the battleground. immerse-sense, it would make sense that youd have to kill dragons to get the treasure.. to kick ass. not kick ass to kick ass, it becomes repetitive. ti think people need to understanad the importance of contrast. if you only do BG- BG wont be fun. you have to do different things, for bgs to become really nice. the summer storm is never as longed for as after a draught. Enjoy the contrast of life, it is what makes pleasure- into pleasure..

  9. We have to make a stand but we all keep subbing like heroin addicts guy we can fix it do what I'm doing write on the forums and UNFUCKINGSUB. There is nothing more scary for a business than losing customers they listen to that. What was wrong with honour gear conquest gear?

  10. So with only 1 item dropping from spamable M+. 1 of 30 items. Do we still feel it'll be much faster?!? M0 have a 1 run per week cap and I think this will be easiest as each boss drops 1 item to accomplish a set of full ilvl 183. M+ though will be pretty grindy too I think since only 1 item drops at the end of the whole dungeon.

  11. i can understand raiding and dungeons are their priority but why not just bring back a pvp exclusive stat again. their reasoning for removing it due to needing separate gear was so weird considering the whole corruption and azerite system really make you end up using so many different gear pieces for different situations or specs. i have absolutely no interest in pve and they can steer me in pve all they want but im not going to stay subbed just to do content im not interested in doing.


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