BADLY Designed Abilities (PART 2) | League of Legends

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Back with another episode of Badly Designed Abilities! If you guys want to see a Part 3 then let me know by voting here!

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28 thoughts on “BADLY Designed Abilities (PART 2) | League of Legends”

  1. Something about this video seems very uncritical. It's like you see every instance of defined power states as badly designed. You say that Illoai E, Yasuo w, and Tryn R discourage interaction but I think anyone who is taking a fair perspective would see that it just encourages or forces a different interaction. By your logic, any ability that doesn't solely affect stats and HP is going to be "bad design."

  2. LITERARY ANY FKIN STUN!a cheap shet mechanics.. oh new champ what we gona make him use?? oh I KNOW A FRIKIN ENDLES STUN!"/!!! from that time i live only to make morgama main's life damn miserable.. higher elo i tilt is better for my EGO! and beter for whole game!

  3. Something gross about Illaoi ghosts is that they give dark harvest procs. Like I know clones do the same but there’s something about me getting a free DH without doing NEARLY enough dmg to the enemy champ and still being rewarded for it.

  4. Windfall truly invalidates many champions. And it blocks in an area so potentially you can protect your team with it. It just kinda sucks to play against because if you wait for it to end then enemies engage into you but if you throw it out then it could get eaten

  5. gwen mist has its disvantages too, you are untargetable and can avoid anything outstide the mist, but unlike yasuo or xin zhao you wont stop any projectile so they may hit your teamates; it is only userful if your target accept to trade against you, if you chase him, your skill will be gone in 2 seconds instead of 5 and if you kite back you will give a huge area to 2 or 3 chapions enter the mist

  6. I would argue that Diana's new ult is a horrible power budget for her. All her other damage is so much worse and her kit scales so poorly compared to old Diana because her ult does too much vs 5 grouped flashless enemies, but nothing in a 1v1 vs someone with flash or zhonyas or a dash.

  7. I’m very confused at the Nether Grasp bit. Not only is your statement that it can one shot factually wrong (a full Malz combo can do that only when he’s built his core 3 items and only squishies and a handful of fighters really), you’re saying NG is badly designed” because it’s a powerful point and click CC… but also because it’s weak as it locks Malz in place, leaving him at the mercy of the enemy team. Isn’t that the essence of balance, a strong ability with a clear drawback?

    Malzahar players have to learn when and where to ult to avoid getting dogpiled or NG is absolutely useless. Literally all it takes for Malz to become irrelevant in team fights is one champion with a CC on standby ready to interrupt him the second he presses R — a smart Leona/Lulu/Nautilus etc is a nightmare for Malz OTPs. I’d argue an ult that pushes the enemy team to coordinate to take advantage of its weaknesses or risk getting locked down is an instance of good design!

    Renata is gonna be in a similar position when she comes out where people bemoan her ult despite there being quite a few counterplays to it, mark my words

  8. im realizing as I continue this series you're basically basing this entire series off of the idea of a 1v1… Sure Malzahar's ult is very strong given it's a point and click lockdown, there isn't supposed to be much counterplay… for YOU. For 2 and a half seconds malzahar is sitting there, not moving, only 700 units away and anyone on your team can take advantage of that. Yes it's a point and click, which doesn't FEEL fair, but given how many champions have ridiculous amounts of mobility if there was no point and click lock down abilities these champions simply could not exist

    Gangplanks w is very strong, one of the strongest defensive abilities in the entire game, but usually your team is going to have more than one CC available, and gangplank absolutely is a high priority target you would want to devote more than one person to dealing with

  9. Fun fact: Yasuo's windwall used to work like Braums E during his testing phases where the skillshot would just be intercepted, but after testing it Riot found problems with it like Karma empowered Q for example, would explode on the windwall and kill some allys near it even tho they would've dodged it normally

  10. I think Yasuous Windwall could be cool if it not only blocks enemy projectiles but also team projectiles, becomes risk reward for team fights, still is annyoing solo though.

  11. Dont agree. You cannot make all champions monotonous and boring. Also their visuals indicate what abilities they could cast so it makes no sense to indirectly say "yasuo should have huge shield like braum"…


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