Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access | Is It Worth Playing?

Larian Studios takes over duties from BioWare for the third Baldur’s Gate game, which has just been released into Early Access on GOG, Steam and Stadia. MarcTheCyborg put 20 hours in and finished the available main quest line. Does Larian succeed where BioWare has been failing? Is the game worth $60 USD in its unfinished state? Watch to find out!

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29 thoughts on “Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access | Is It Worth Playing?”

  1. The minotaur fight isn't broken, it's like this by design. DOS2 had several encounters like that (though BG3 has higher difficulty in comparison to DOS2, the same way DOS2 had higher difficulty in comparison to DOS1). They expect you to think outside the box, even if it means figuring out a way to cheese it. Welcome to CRPGs, noob 😉

    But yeah, don't buy the game right now unless you want to be a beta tester for the game. Larian themselves has said as much.

  2. I am playing Baldurs Gate 3 at the moment and the game is good, yes it has glitches, but it is early access. The story telling is good and the mechanics are pretty decent. Do not buy if you want a finished game as the aforementioned glitches are either crashes or graphical and may put you off if you do not understand what Early Access means.

  3. I just hope they add likable companions, the paladin class and a less brutal campaign. I've never played a tabletop campaign where each and every encounter saw my party underleveled and at a disadvantage. It was always more of a roller-coaster of difficulty depending on just how stupid we as a party were. And that is from a guy with over twenty years of tabletop experience with over a dozen DMs.

    I get that this is different, being a computer game without an actual DM that can scale encounters on the fly based on the reactions and tension (or lack there of) around the table. I just don't enjoy the idea of reloading saves again and again because I failed to notice their often very specific and quite missable gimmicky solution to their environmental combat. A lot of times its shoot the barrel or its equivalent. If you can't tell, I wasn't much of a fan of their Divinity games, new or old. Great IP wasted on both the developers and D&Ds parent company, Wizards of the Coast.

    Let's hope I'm wrong and Larian fixes the issues and expands their companion roster to include more than evil aligned people… or those willing to deal with devils or house city wiping bombs. People a lawful good person would reasonably associate with.

  4. Hello MarcTheCyborgAndIHaveNeverPlayedDungeonsAndDragons! 😀
    Nice review, but still I am gonna wait for the full game review when it comes out and then maybe buy it. 😀

  5. I'm still working my way through the Baldur's Gate games, but I'm glad to hear that 3 at least has a solid beta. I'm also happy to hear the writing is good, a game can have great graphics and gameplay but if I wanna throw my controller at the screen Everytime my party members speak it doesn't really mean much. Thanks Marc, you should have Jeremy pay for a tune-up for this review.

  6. I played almost all DnD video Games…after BG came out in 1998 (I was 16) I got obsessed with it and there was no internet, YT, etc. back then so between playing BG1, Planescape Torment, IWD, BG2, NWN, IWD2 etc I played all classical games like EoB trilogy, the gold box games, Ravenloft or Dark sun etc…..and therefore I have no problem with the turn based combat (was in Gold box or Dark sun) only thing that I see LACKING (ok this is a early access) where are the famous cameos? where is Minc? where is Drizzt? Elminster? etc…this was a huge part of BG or NWN…I hope we get some cameos !!!!

  7. Anyone know whats going on with this channel? What happened to all the nerd culture stuff and the many contributors you used to use? Viwws are wayyyy down and you used to make 3-4 videos a day on this channel? I know Jeremy says he wants to focus on sports wars, is it because this channel is dead?

  8. No, I'll leave it for their diverse player-base to create characters. They don't need another boring white player. I still have my original BG on PC CD lol. Loved the series, wish they hadn't gone woke. I'll play elsewhere.

  9. I remember back in the early 2000s, I was playing Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn. That was one of the best Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms computer fantasy Role-Playing Games that I had ever played. And I wasn't even really a major fan of playing PC games.

  10. I'm not a technical guy but I love the colors and lighting and all the effects. Really can't wait to play this, hope they balance it some more but I do love a challenge!

  11. Well if it plays like the Original Sin II, i'll pass. Original Sin was decent, but the second one was flat-out tedious. And sorry, but BG without an active pause is some kind of mistake. Yeah it's closer to the tabletop, but cooomeee oooon.


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