BATTLEFIELD 6 OFFICIAL Gameplay Info By EA! – BF6 Reveal Trailer & Game Insider LEAKS 2021!

BATTLEFIELD 6 OFFICIAL Gameplay Info By EA! – BF6 Reveal Trailer & Game Insider LEAKS! 2021

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As always, take BATTLEFIELD Leaks with a grain of salt!

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21 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 6 OFFICIAL Gameplay Info By EA! – BF6 Reveal Trailer & Game Insider LEAKS 2021!”

  1. This year is going to be great for gaming. Halo, battlefield, whatever Nintendo is cooking up… there is a backup of content from the pandemic that’s about to burst.

  2. After watching 10 of your videos at this point, I can safely say that you make clickbaitey titles and stretch single information for 10 minutes or even repeat the same info. SkizzleAxe and Jackfrags tell all the news in less time compared to you

  3. They have a massive opportunity to make a fucking good game now. I hope they don’t rush it, listen to what everyone hates about cod and love about battlefield.

  4. Okay so, the female soldiers aren’t an issue because it’s a modern day setting. The problem people had with female soldiers in battlefield 5 was that they never ever appeared in combat in WW2. And if they did it was so unbelievably rare. It was like the black person controversy in battlefield 1. There were rarely any black or Indian fighters in Europe. The reason for that was, people called the great war, “A White Man’s War”.

  5. Why is this women named Laura running the battlefield franchise. Whoever was involved in making BF3 needs to get rehired. Pay them whatever they want and this franchise could take over call of duty. The woke rollout of BF5 destroyed any chance of that. Bf5 could have taken over COD. Woke EA fucked it all up. Also a mobile BF is the worst thing you can tell a 12 year veteran of BF. You people are souless creatures that just want money over the fan base that put you where you are.

  6. The hype and huge player base for bf6 is what will also bring it down. So many people will complain and argue no matter what is released, cheaters and hackers will run wild from day 1, there's always those try hard veteran players who will just dominate servers in OP jets and choppers causing alot of new players to have a shitty experience and not want to play. I just hope that they've figured out how to keep the game fun rather than toxic, because a huge player bases usually = a fuckload of toxic try hards and hackers/cheaters

  7. That interview just seemed very underwhelming and kinda made me lose hype tbh, its like bfv all over again, just telling us what we want to hear but not actually being able to deliver


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