Battlepass Speedrun (Genshin Impact)

Today in Genshin Impact we’re speedrunning the new battlepass.
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0:00 Intro/Abyss Stars
3:03 Five Flushes of Fortune
4:03 Weekly Bosses with Xiao
6:11 Misc. Battlepass Quests

Music from Epidemic Sound (
Outro Music: “City Breath Control – Halcyon Lounge”


42 thoughts on “Battlepass Speedrun (Genshin Impact)”

  1. They’res 3 types of players.
    The player who has 5 star characters and weapons.
    The player that has 5 star weapons but no 5 star characters.
    The player that has 5 star characters but no 5 star weapons.

  2. I have one ques
    Does the monthly missions don't count in the weekly exp limit like when he did the 12 stars in spiral abyss his weekly exp limit was still same however the bp level was raised from 15 to 17
    Can anyone tell me about this?
    Will it count at the end of the month?

  3. Why would u put Jade Cutter on Bennett?
    He needs high base atk swords
    And this sword has a bit lower base atk than highest 4 star base atk at 90
    Put it on Keqing lol


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