Best Yorick WORLD = Lethality Yorick??? | League of Legends

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Here we observe Yorick vs. Fiora in Challenger Toplane ignite 1v1. Watch for a splitpush guide in Season 12 League of Legends.

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23 thoughts on “Best Yorick WORLD = Lethality Yorick??? | League of Legends”

  1. I’m already noticing the improvement, the rune inclusion at the beginning was well done. Not because it was flashy, it was because they full explained why he would probably take them. Keep up the good work!

  2. i used to play a lot letality yorick after the mythical items inclusion update
    back then "The Collector" used to proc on minions, it was godlike tier item for yorick imo because it worked with his summons

    nice video as always keep it up

  3. Here since you posted your first video, came on Day 1 for the Riven content, leaving you today with 2k subs. Really love your work dude, and soon you wont find my comments anymore, lost in the sea of other comments, so maybe for the last time,

    Algorithm gang
    cheers, requiem

  4. I've stopped playing league 2,5 years ago (started in S2/3), but videos like these are so enjoyable since I look at league so differently, now that Im a bit older. A bit more strategic/chesslike.
    Very informative and enjoyable, good luck with your journey on YT and use these comments as motivation for new videos👍🏻

  5. lol your suprise at the naughtilus getting shredded when he was 4 levels above him and your calling yorick so powerful, that could of been literally any champ with that lvel difference and items lol


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