Big Zeri & Rengar Changes | League of Legends

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34 thoughts on “Big Zeri & Rengar Changes | League of Legends”

  1. Instead of gutting her early so she won't reach her late, they should just nerf her bruiser build. Literally all they have to do is reduce the effectiveness of on-hit effects with zeri and nerf her mobility by either turning her extension from on-hit to on-takedown or adding a cap to the maximum duration her ult lasts for.

  2. I don't know what to feel about Zeri. Haven't really gotten that far in game based maths whether to take this as a nerf or buff. Guess they tried to cut some parts and grow the others. But after the last "nerf" for the first time started seeing damages like 25-30k in shorter games. If they tried to take Zeri down it apparently didn't work but now 12.6 is coming w something else.

  3. Good, zeri is just unbearable at the moment at bot, dont know what riot was smoking when creating dashing adc that takes 1/3 of health per hit and basically has no aa cd


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