Blizzard MUST Fix This Before Shadowlands Is Released…

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34 thoughts on “Blizzard MUST Fix This Before Shadowlands Is Released…”

  1. Blizzard… please. Please. I understand they’ll have a couple weeks before arena starts… so with that said this trinket better get nerfed to oblivion. I don’t even want it as good as dres. Just take the instant burst items away.

  2. Ridiculous that they still haven't fixed this. This has been reported a looong time ago and such an easy fix too. Kind of like they don't care about pvp testing since many pvp testers say they won't/can't test when stuff like this is in the game.

  3. Seems like good design to me. That is in line with BFA crap. Its hard to believe that at one point in design they thought THIS was good enough to release. Do they even think through their changes/play the game themselves????? Gosh, it just shows how disconnected from their product they are.


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