Bob vs Nintendo: The Story of Bob's Game

In 2008, 25 year-old independent video game developer Robert Pelloni revealed a game he’d been making in secret for the past 5 years–a retail quality adventure title called Bob’s Game. In an attempt to get his game published by the video game company he’s idolized since childhood, Pelloni embarks on a self-sabotaging and humiliating quest for attention.


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29 thoughts on “Bob vs Nintendo: The Story of Bob's Game”

  1. 13:00 "coked up on ritalin". Yeah man that's not how that works lmao. I'd say he definitely did NOT need to be on stimulants but hes most likely on it for ADHD. Still probably was responsible for his mood changes. When he was up on that stuff hed attack nintendo than apologize when he was coming down

    Also how did anyone ever think this nutjobs game was gonna be good? It always looked bad lol, & I'm not just talking about the graphics. But I'm shocked I never heard of this before! Great video, I was definitely interested from start to finish

  2. Everyone should go on bobsgame (dot) com now and see his explanation in small text at the bottom of the page, I don’t know If it’s featured in the video I haven’t finished watching it yet but go to his old website and you will see.

  3. The thing with viral marketing is that it doesn't work if you can't actually finish with "and here's where you buy the product". If you don't have that, it's just crazy person internet stuff.


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