BOOGIE BOMB Imposter Role in Among Us

We give a NEW impostor role with Clingers, Boogie Bombs and more in among us

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43 thoughts on “BOOGIE BOMB Imposter Role in Among Us”

  1. 3:10 to 3:22

    Biffle: flashbangs Garry
    SSundee: YEET kills Garry and hops into the vent
    Chad: OH MY GOD GARRY-
    Biffle: YoU aInT gOnNa Be RePoRtInG aNy BoDiEs!
    Biffle: dances Chad
    Loaf: Ummmm
    Me at nearly 2 A.M.: crying and shaking from held in laughter

  2. I just had a idea for the button for the keys for the bombs. Clingers: C. Dance: D. Bouncey: B. Flash: F. The letter of the button is that bc all the letter keys bc of what the first letter

  3. Some random guy : where r u going ? Some other random guy : to buy a new phone because I danced on my phone .
    The first random guy: why
    The second guy : I obeyed Ssundee
    The first guy : why
    the second guy: SSUNDEE IS THE KING !


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