BREAKING NEWS | 3 Unannounced PSVR Games?! | Huge Sairento Update | Swordsman Contest & More!

A little late on the Sairento news (yesterday was insanely busy around here) but hopefully the rest makes up for the delay! Here’s to the extremely bright future of PlayStation VR! 😀

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20 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS | 3 Unannounced PSVR Games?! | Huge Sairento Update | Swordsman Contest & More!”

  1. Oh I'm definitely picking up Sairento this time
    Been wanting the game for a long time but I've always put it off in favor of other games but not this time, a nice big update together with a big nice sale, who can resist?
    Looking forward to that Swordsman VR contest as well even though my chances might be slim I will hopefully enjoy the experience.

  2. YESSS on the Sairento update!!! Been wishing for a while for more content or a sequel!!! Can’t wait to try it as soon as possible.

    Sairento probably has the best movement system of any PSVR game considering how many ways, and at what speed, it allows you to do so. Truly fantastic. Not to mention some awesome music this side of Deus Ex Human Revolution.

  3. Sairento- is the one thing in my life that makes me feel like a weird ass. Every time I watch a psvr top whatever list I watch til the end and I am wondering, is this I too list other than sairento is something wrong with this game that I don’t notice like when everybody knows your girls a whore but you don’t see it? This is BY FAR my favorite VR game without any real competition for that spot.

  4. WHHHHAT IVE barley started Sairento cause of Adhd(also I have it physical copy so lazy to feed in disc;)so many games n my legs 🦵were weaker back then but dang if it ain't on of the best VR motion strengthening games ever. I Flip for it many flip

  5. I know the psvr community is quick to hate on the quest but the success of the quest Is only solidifying sonys further investment on the PSVR. I believe Facebook is covering up the real numbers as to not inspire potential competitors to jump in the VR market cause they say once there are 10 million of something out in the wild, then most people know someone who has 1. From sharing VR with friends and family, i single handedly sold 12 vr headsets. Now Im hearing of my nephews classmates and kids in the neighborhood having quest2s in their homes. This is the point where VR explodes because I've always said VR just needs to be experienced for people to know it's for real, and once everyone has the chance to try it, the age of VR will be in full force. I totally disagree, the pSVR cant hang around with the current hardware without a major upgrade. The resolution and tracking are the main reasons cause even the ps4pro is solid enough to keep it in the game. The quest 2 with it's much better resolution is so impressive as a stand alone device, and the fact that it can be used as a pcvr headset wired with oculus link and wirelessly using virtual desktop, takes away the psvrs more powerful hardware advantage when youre running a quest2 on an 11th gen intel i7 CPU paired with an RTX2080. So as of right now, the games are the only thing keeping psvr relevant in VR. Luckily for us, I know Sony knows their hardware is outdated and I dont think psvr2 is as far off as everyone is thinking. I know Sony knows gamers better than oculus and even valve, so I'm expecting the psvr2 to be better than the valve index in every way, even the impressive knuckles controllers.

  6. Oh man a free Sairento update!!!! 😀 I can't stand it that's so great.

    And Sairento for $15? "Finally time to pull the trigger" you say?! More like: get Sairento it's the law haha.


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