Breath Of The Wild player REACTS to The NEWEST 1.5 Update for Genshin Impact..

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42 thoughts on “Breath Of The Wild player REACTS to The NEWEST 1.5 Update for Genshin Impact..”

  1. okay so im Ar 50 (pretty impressive huh) and i have played this game for a long time

    so Mihoyo (the creator of honkai and genshin) is gonna

    – add a housing system
    – a second Zhongli story quest
    -a new boss (probably weekly boss)
    -hide and seek event
    -2+ events that i cannot understand its mechanics
    -2 new characters (Yanfei and Eula)
    – and some Inazuma leaks that is seen at the end of the genshin 1.5 livestream
    -and a Unsual hilichurl (Wei) event
    -a new hangout character (Diona)
    -2 new artifact sets (so new domain)

    these events and characters are going to content us for 2 months then after that another livestream and trailer

    Character Banners
    the first character banner that will come is Zhongli then Eula
    Yanfei may appear in one of the 2 banners probably in zhongli's since it was said shes half apedtus

    thats all i understand from the trailer and Chinese livestream (yes genshin impact is from a Chinese company)

  2. This is a great chance to get zhongli and even if is not as amazing as ganyu, keeps been incredible. On the other hand don't spend money ifyou don't want to, being overpowered is not as fun as you think but i put some money sometimes because al that efort they put in the game is worth it

  3. To explain this trailer at face value, the beginning is a new story quest, an Act II of Zhongli's story quest, and alongside that is a new boss that you can collect the rewards weekly such as Stormterror and the Wolf of the north (if you've unlocked those.) The part after that is the new character Yan Fei and a new world boss (not weekly boss) the Cryo Hypostasis (like the Anemo Hypostasis, Geo Hypostasis and the Electro hypostasis.) After that is Eula (another new character of course) And the average is 2 new characters every update, 1.4 was a drought in content and for summoning because there was only 1 new 4 star character (not even 5 star) Usually its 2 new 5 stars but this update and this 1.5 too is different. In the Eula section is a new monster, and electro abyss herald (the hydro sword one was introduced in this update, 1.4) The Serenitea pot is as you said, a housing system of sorts. Housing has been requested for ages (even before the official alpha was released) so this is a nice touch. After that it's just some other events (one being prop hunt which I am personally excited for) and not much else. That's all for the trailer (I belive) so I hope this helps you understand what is happening in this very not-explained-in-detail trailer.


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