Bruhses (Roses + Bruh Sound Effect #2) [Friday Night Funkin']

Senpai from Friday Night Funkin Week 6 experiences a massive bruh moment. It was insane.

The pixel sprites were too hard to mod hence why boyfriend’s textures remain vanilla.
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I really wanna try out doing something for Kapi, Tabi, and A.G.O.T.I sometime soon. The best thing is that these names rhyme very well. By the looks of it, Week 7 will likely not be getting an itch dot io release, but there is this phenomenon where when I say that something’s not gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. So by saying this, NINJAMUFFIN PLEASE RELEASE WEEK 7 ON ITCH AHHHHHHHH

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43 thoughts on “Bruhses (Roses + Bruh Sound Effect #2) [Friday Night Funkin']”

  1. It's really hard to mod pixel textures, meaning I can't put the bruh icon on top of BF's face in this on. ANYWAYS

    – Genocide (did the audio already; 3rd song of Vs. Tabi)

    – Tordbot (did the audio already)

    – Manifest (3rd song of Vs. Sky; may be omitted for reasons)

    – Nerves (2nd song of Vs. Garcello)

    – A.G.O.T.I (The 3rd song)

    – Nyaw (4th song of Vs. Kapi)
    – God Eater (this is REALLY hard to do unless I run the noob difficulty)
    – Ballistic (really hard to get the audio sounding right)

    Reply with the titles that you're more interested and I will prioritise them. If there is anything else you want that isn't on the list, feel free to comment them here. Also, make sure you have the spelling correct!

  2. "Three dimensional bruhs have emotions that turn sour quickly, two dimensional bruhs can't take care of you when you feel sickly. What if she finds someone else and leaves you broken bruhed in here? I'll never bruh no one else my love is all for you bruh!"


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