BUFFED LETHAL TEMPO MAKES TANK MASTER YI S+ TIER! | Master Yi Season 12 League of Legends

Master Yi Season 12 Jungle Gameplay Guide League of Legends
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39 thoughts on “BUFFED LETHAL TEMPO MAKES TANK MASTER YI S+ TIER! | Master Yi Season 12 League of Legends”

  1. Can you do a Viktor video? I recently started playing and whenever you explain these builds and how the items synergize with what runes and items really helps… Keep up the amazing videos!!!

  2. Can you also put Ban recommendations into the vis? If its not too much of a hassle, cause your explenations are always very helpful and i am really interested in your opinions in such regards.

  3. People saying yorick made the right move by going for the wave and then watching him Q flash for Gwen when she was one hit from death is hilarious. Yorick is an underrated raid boss they definitely would’ve won the 2v2. If this yorick player had any brain cells in there at all. Rotation and reaction to teammates is a major skill that most low elo players don’t ever learn or utilize. Jax was down CS and blew all cooldowns into the yi. Same with Gwen. Obviously it didn’t matter in the end but when players are riding such a different wave length as the rest of the team you just gotta let em AFK farm.

  4. Yorick could of helped with the first gank top but I don’t believe it was a good idea with that big of a minion wave by his tower when hes behind on cs but he should of pinged you to back off if he had no intention of fighting or you could of pinged as soon as you intended to gank top

  5. I hate games that basically have an idiot in lane and doesn't react to your gank at all. Even an easy mode bot knows how to move and help you do some damage to enemy with your gank. Then that same dude in lane pings you and expect you to help when they have zero map awareness and gets ganked 10 times and feed.


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