Buy the Xbox Series X or the PS5? This Answer May Shock You!

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Should you buy the Xbox Series X or the PS5? This Answer May Shock You!

In this video I talk about whether you should get the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5. Both consoles have their Pros and Cons. The Xbox has a reliable hardware, while the PS5 has the games. This was a tough thing to suggest. I never pictured myself saying something like this about both of these consoles. But 2020 has been a weird year for gaming and other things in life.

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7 thoughts on “Buy the Xbox Series X or the PS5? This Answer May Shock You!”

  1. You should have also mentioned the controller problems bro the analogues are the same from ps4 which had issues in its time, not only this but the fact that the triggers are breaking as well lol what a console.

  2. I gotta say I agree. And as God take my word for it. Ps5 all the way preference wise. BUT. I had to send mine back to sony for a replacement because every game on it crashed. Faulty hardware. Its on its way from Newark Airport to ft. Wayne Indiana as we speak. I believe with the artifacting and freezes the gpu is clocked too high and if you got a bad binned gpu u are screwed.

  3. Bought the PS5 as i wanted to play the PS5 . Unfortunately my PS5 does not work well as you know. Games i want to play all crash, not even been able to get into the game, they crash very early still pre game. AC:Valhalla, Ghost of tsushima, Shadow of War, all crash. Even Amazon Prime Video app is unusable. Astroroom plays, but not my kind of game. Sony asked me to send some videos of my crashing issues which was easy as they all crash anyway lol. Sent it, been acknowledged as received, now waiting on more response. If they do not issue an RMA for the unit, it will be returned to Amazon for a refund. Will financially lose as I will not have a console and i bought AC:V and GoT and a year subscription worth. Doubt I'd get that refunded. Wait and see

  4. I bought the series x and loving it . it may not have any big exclusives right now . but with Microsoft buying all these studios you know there coming . like next month they have an exclusive coming with the medium. which looks good then later on Halo, hell blade 2 plus what bethesda has to offer. like they say good things come to those who wait.


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