Call of Duty Cold War Crashing your Xbox Series X – 31st Dec Workaround!

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Hi Newblings! In today’s video, Robrigo takes us through the latest workaround that has been discovered by users on Reddit with regards to the Xbox Series X crashing when playing Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

We’d just like to stress here that this is not an official fix from the developers, but rather a workaround that has been discovered by users in the COD community, and posted onto the Reddit platform.

This workaround has also been picked up by the popular Twitter account that covers Call of Duty related topics, Charlie Intel.

Basically, the workaround is that when you’ve successfully loaded into a Multiplayer match on Cold War, if you see anything strange with regards to your frame rate dropping, your operator is lagging or your Xbox console isn’t vibrating when you immediately fire your weapon, then your game may be about to crash.

If this happens, then you need to press and hold the Xbox Power button on your controller so that the ‘What would you like to do?’ menu appears. Once this appears, simply click your ‘B’ button to back out of the menu and return to your Multiplayer match – this should hopefully fix the issue. We’ll post the links to the Reddit discussion & the Charlie Intel article below, so you can take a more detailed look if you want to:

Link to the Reddit discussion on the potential workaround:

Link to the Charlie Intel article which highlights the potential workaround:

We’ve also put together a video on how to disable Ray Tracing, so if you need help on that then check out our explainer here:


9 thoughts on “Call of Duty Cold War Crashing your Xbox Series X – 31st Dec Workaround!”

  1. Glad I got my money back for this this garbage lol. I honestly don't think this issue is going to be fixed anytime soon since most people playing this game are on last gen consoles and PC where there are fewer issues.

  2. Don’t get crashing at load up screen, always mid match. Only fix I’ve found is, I only get crashes when I’m in a party chat lobby. Tried and tested played for whole night while on my own or not in party chat. As soon as in chat with friends crashed out 1st or 2nd game.


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