Call of Duty DMR 14 Experience.EXE

Call of Duty added the DMR 14 in Cold War and Warzone. This weapon is really good in loadout/ class setups when you use the Diamatti next to it during Season 1This gun is over powered and I can’t wait for more updates on zombies, Warzone, and multiplayer. I also can’t wait for the Modern Warfare Season 7 content to release with it! There are also new bundles in the store to buy! This was the Call of Duty DMR 14 Experience.EXE!

Thank you to the actor of Sims for being in this video! Here are his socials!
ig: @coachwithreg youtube: Reggie Watkins twitter: @ReggieWatkinsJr

Thank you RaidAway for informing us about the nerf!


25 thoughts on “Call of Duty DMR 14 Experience.EXE”

  1. NERF THE DMR IM GETTING TOO MANY DUBS!!! IT GOT NERFED BUT ITS STILL OP!! Songs used: Money Longer by lil uzi vert, POP SMOKE – GOT IT ON ME, Playboi Carti – New Tank, and Lil Peep – Awful Things ft. Lil Tracy!

  2. wait why i cant find it in modern warfare? ur telling me that in warzone there are a ton of new gun that i unlocked without even knowing how and in mw they arent there? i need to buy cold war to have them in mw?


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