Call Of Duty: WARZONE "P2-16" Access Card FOUND + Mysterious Room/Computer!

Call Of Duty: WARZONE “P2-16” Access Card FOUND + Mysterious Room/Computer!
With season 5 coming to warzone today, the inside of stadium has opened up revealing a new easter egg in the form of a hidden room that requires a P2-16 access card to open! In this video I discuss and showcase this new warzone easter egg and my thoughts on it. Let me know yours in the comments or if you find anything about the P2-16 or any of the access cards. Subscribe for more warzone tips, news, and more

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Warzone CL-19 access card found

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Call Of Duty: WARZONE Mysterious 2nd Part Of Bunker #11 CODE Keypad! (EASTER EGG)

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33 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: WARZONE "P2-16" Access Card FOUND + Mysterious Room/Computer!”

  1. i got a red keycard,inside the bunker it has a second door that also need a eight digits password(100%look the same as the door in stadium),but idont know if all bunkers has a password door now,i just go into a random one

  2. I thinh that it is password in bunker. When i open the bunker 0, i see one new bunker. It need password. It have 8 number. So i think this is password.

  3. EL-21 – is for the room in top floor (Executive Lounge)

    CL-19 – is for the room near the bar club (Concourse Level)

    P2-16 – is for the room in the Parking (Parking Level 2)

  4. I've seen a lot of different codes (at least 6). I think the key here is getting into all three card-access rooms in the same game to get a full 8-digit code which can then be entered at the room with the pin pad up on the concourse.

    Another possibility is, now that the bunkers are back open, the interior door keypad can now be interacted with and is also looking for an 8-digit number. At this time, any number you push causes the pad to blink red suggesting that it is an incorrect code. My guess is that they will be part of the mid-season update.

  5. Hi there! There are three of these key cards two goes in the ground level of stadium and one goes in the lower level. The sequence of the computers are important because if you go to the top floor with all the sequences in mind, u will be able to unlock a blueprint for the cr-56 called enigma. First thing first. Put all three of sequences beneath each other. Once u do this, look for numbers the numbers u see from left to right is the sequence of the keypad


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