Call Of Duty WARZONE: THIS WILL CHANGE How You Create LOADOUTS! (Secrets & Tips)

Here’s 13 Secrets and Tips you NEED to Know About Creating Class Setups & Loadouts in Call of Duty WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down a handful of Secrets and Tips regarding Loadouts and Class setups in Call of Duty WARZONE! Thanks to the Cold War integration, creating the Best Loaoduts in COD WARZONE has become a bit trickier, primarily because a lot of attachments in game aren’t functioning correctly. Some Cold War attachments don’t work as intended, while Modern Warfare attachments are pretty straightforward, so this video explains what you need to do be doing in order to create the best loadouts possible in WARZONE!

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22 thoughts on “Call Of Duty WARZONE: THIS WILL CHANGE How You Create LOADOUTS! (Secrets & Tips)”

  1. Susat multizoom works really well for me, and jeez didn’t know about the task force barrel:( I bought that hippie themed blueprint pack just so I could use the task force on my m16 early in warzone, sucks to find out it isn’t working

  2. What I got from this video: MW attachments act correctly and make sense how to build weapons out. CW attachments don’t work correctly and don’t have a very clear way to effectively build your load out

  3. Raven and any black ops games a terrible from graphics to functionality of weapons. Infinity Ward is a million times better, even if they are a little slow at getting patches out and stuff. They get a lot of little things right and their games just look and function better within call of duty. Black Ops is trash, can’t wait until another Modern Warfare.

  4. Eh i disagree on some. some attributes of the CW weapons like the one barrel that says "+damage" when playing warzone. its not a lie per say but just doesn't show the correct terminology. i.e, if you go build that same barrel on cw it is "+vehicle damage". the terminology just does not cross over to mw/wz correctly

  5. Some attachments don't even exist in CW that the game says you've unlocked. Warzone is being turned into a shitshow because of a highly-inferior game being linked to it. I can't even look at COD anymore. But you always make a great video worth watching.


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