Call of Duty: Warzone WTF & Funny Moments #197

WARZONE – Top Call of Duty Plays – Episode #197 of our top Warzone moments series.

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Welcome to Top Call of Duty Plays. We focus on bringing you high-quality and well-edited Warzone highlights & funny moments. While we mainly focus on highlights, our Warzone videos also provide you with the latest Warzone news including Warzone updates, patches and showing off new content.

When it comes to our videos, we like to do things differently compared to other highlight channels. First off, our host Lottie commentates over the Warzone clips in every video. Commentary allows us to add value by making observations or giving pointers that will help YOU improve your gameplay or gives you a better understanding of what’s going on in each clip.

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41 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Warzone WTF & Funny Moments #197”

  1. I wish I could get one shot sniper kills from miles away.Ridiculous,alot of those shots aren't even on there target. The one clip where the player shoots randomly through a wooden wall and kills a player that's not near him,fake as fuck. I would love to play against people that for some reason can't kill a player out in the open shooting everyone

  2. u could cut half the bullshit and leave the good clips. Then it would be 10minutes what is still watchable not this 20.
    Nowadays there are a lot of extra basic kills in the clips. I don't see the reason to make a 20min vid by those.


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