Can You Learn Fade In Only 1 Day? – Valorant

0:00 Intro
0:36 First Games
1:39 Abilities
3:50 Fade Gameplay
7:34 Conclusion

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In this video I try out the new agent fade. Gonna explain fade abilities, give fade tips and tricks and have a lot of fun trying out the new agent abilities. For more fade and valorant tips and tricks, check out my channel! Enjoy the valorant fade gameplay!


41 thoughts on “Can You Learn Fade In Only 1 Day? – Valorant”

  1. E ability hunt.

    U can use the e button again after throwing it to make it land immidiately. So u press e when it travels u press e again it will be landed even before its travel time ended.

    Similiar to ending sova drone forcefully.

    It also happen on q ability

  2. Just got permabanned from valorant for no reason, I wasn't cheating or anything but it said I was using a third party software so i'm literally crying rn.

  3. Mr Lowlander : "You can definitely not master fade in one day"

    Auto generated english comment : ok imma change master fade to masturbate

    Wth is wrong with the subtitles🤣🤣🤣

  4. I haven’t tried it yet but it might be smart to throw out the octopus like a pop flash and throw it straight at the ground so the enemy’s can’t react to it

  5. I just got her today. Andi tried her… Played spike Rush and unrated. Kinda know the basics because I saw the way my teammates and enemies played her. And also, she is an initiator… Not a duelist. Many people play her like a duelist, that's why you are dead.


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