CD Projekt Red Faces LAWSUIT Over Cyberpunk 2077

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This isn’t looking good for them.

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38 thoughts on “CD Projekt Red Faces LAWSUIT Over Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. It's ALWAYS the management that screws up everything
    That's what happens when you're a publicly traded company
    You're not the customers, the shareholders ARE
    Plus, to add insult to injury CDPR bowed down the China

  2. Companies NEED to face up! There is so much greed and corruption in the world and in politics. WHY is that coming over into the entertainment industry??? The one thing people turn to in order to relax and kick back is no super commercialized with companies like Disney and the gaming companies like Bethesda and now CDProjectRed which sucks. They need to be fined. I have no remorse for them, we need to set an example!

  3. I still remember commenting on a YouTube video of a rust video wanting rust to come to console awhile back and this guy tells me to get a pc then calls me a console peasant just recently and I laid into him and he straight up deleted his comment so I would look like a lunatic but I took a screenshot and he can’t get away from that tragedy of what he typed lol😂😂🤣🤣

  4. Luckily, I get into a game from watching it or seeing it play first. Usually the games I play aren't new so I can trust people that it's good. I'm almost never disappointed with the games I play.

  5. CDPR should made this stricly for New consoles and PC to gather the money and keep the reputation. BUT they were greedy and clouded their judgement to sell it on PS4 and Xbox One. Shame how a saint fallen from grace. Well take your seat next to all shady game company.

  6. No man’s sky has improved and the problem was more small company pressured by Sony to release a product and not having a spokesmen which lead to things they said they not they may so they weren’t greedy they were just forced into a a job making a triple a game instead of what they could handle because of the popularity of the game and Sony (I’m willing to answer any questions)


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