Chaos – Friday Night Funkin' (Fleetway) | Orchestral Cover

I used a new template for this one, with closer mic positions and slightly different libraries. Let me know what y’all think. I also added an electric guitar for Fleetway.


Orchestral Cover: Written and Orchestrated by JJ Molyneux

Original Piece and Melodies: Written by Jacaris

MIDI by: NoahWantDie

Fan Art: 30909ArtisCL on Deviant Art

Software used;
-FL Studio
-East West Composer Cloud
-reFX Nexus


31 thoughts on “Chaos – Friday Night Funkin' (Fleetway) | Orchestral Cover”

  1. damn, you never fail to amaze me. the fact someone like you who makes covers that sound like a real orchestra has less then million subs is just wow. not to mention no matter how hard the task seems you seem to be able to make such a amazing cover. bravo.
    also i request a 02 cover from kirby and the chrystal shards

  2. These are absolute bangers! Beautifully done every single time. If you'd like to step away from FNF for a moment, could you see about doing an orchestral rendition of Pressure by Muse? Love the content!


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