Chinese Chibi Icons FREE [League of Legends]

Make sure you are logged into your account and then run the installer. You must be logged in every time before launching the program.



Not responsible if you get banned, you likely won’t be.
Forked from MManoah.


24 thoughts on “Chinese Chibi Icons FREE [League of Legends]”

  1. Hello friends,

    An easier method to change to a chibi icon without having to use Rift Explorer. Links for Windows and Mac in the description. Avoid changing icons too quickly or you will prompt errors on the client and be limited. You must be signed in to your account first before running the program.


  2. keep in mind also that this doesn't work on newly created accounts, well it does but you have to set the icon of your choice again every time you login because it changes it to the free icon from the champ you chose in tutorial so it isn't really permanent

  3. For the people wondering if they will get banned, the guy who made Rift Explorer ("old method" to change the icons) has confirmed in the past with riot that changing the icon won't get you banned but that can change at any given moment + riot is kinda bipolar so who knows.
    From personal experience I've never got any of my accounts banned for this in 3 years, so, you are probably good ^^


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