Choosing Resident Evil Village Difficulty – Huber Syndrome

Huber shares his experience with the difficulty options of Village.

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27 thoughts on “Choosing Resident Evil Village Difficulty – Huber Syndrome”

  1. This popped up in my feed. Such a strange decision, including spoilers. Spoilers means the bulk of new players will look elsewhere for advice. So who is this video for exactly?

    Ditch the spoilers and you would earn significantly more views, especially from those like me who aren't subbed to you.

  2. Huber is SO right about the difficulty choice! I chose too easy of a difficulty for my first MGS3 playthrough and I will always regret it. The soldiers and open areas were still so complex and enthralling, but all the bosses died in a few hits. Just sucked the gravitas out of the narrative immediately when I hit a boss. And they ROCK! Such cool bosses!

  3. I think I'll do Hardcore. Difficulty is so important for survival horror games. I don't think I would have enjoyed RE3 remake or Evil Within 2 nearly as much if I didn't crank up the challenge on the first playthrough.

  4. Can someone recommend a good Let's Player for me to watch Resident Evil VIII (I'm never going to play it but am very interested in following it)? I would usually watch GaLm but he's…having some problems in his life it seems, so I'm ideally looking for someone who will pay attention to the game and engage with the story, explore thoroughly, read text stuff out loud (so, not TheRadBrad), not be so scared that they'll just scream and run around panicking (so, not Marz) and especially someone who won't have loud notifications and interrupt themselves everything 30 seconds to thank a subscriber. Thanks in advance!

  5. Wait, why is this a video about "selecting the difficulty" but there's also spoiler warnings? … Now I'm scared to watch the video lol. … Is it HEAVY spoilers? Or just a little early game spoilers? … Cause this will decide if I watch the video or not. (I'm gonna start playing later today after work, so excited!)

  6. I tried playing this game on hardcore difficulty, twice. Both times, right around when I put Baby Rose in the crib, this guy with a lawnmower comes by and starts making way too much noise outside. I can't take it. 2/10.


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