CohhCarnage Unboxes: Unboxing The Outriders Loot Box (Thanks Square Enix!!)

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Special thanks to Square Enix for the amazing Outriders Loot Box gift. 🙂 – Watch live at

Unboxing playlist:

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22 thoughts on “CohhCarnage Unboxes: Unboxing The Outriders Loot Box (Thanks Square Enix!!)”

  1. People Can Fly (Dev's) have been killing it. Good communication and the game demo is better than a lot of full games out there. Looking forward to full release! Keep up the good work Cohh : )

  2. I love how the devs send these swag packages to content creators but those of us who preordered and kept the preorder even though day 1 on game pass get no real benefit. They should have randomly sent these boxes out to the entire community

  3. Nice that rich people get free shit along with their free games and wealth.. Would be cool if these companies sent a box to a normal person once in a while, or had a giveaway. The 'influencers' are much better than you.

  4. Looks like you'll need to get more shelves for your collection if you keep getting loot boxes sent to you. As others have said, I echo their request to see your collectors shelf some day.

  5. People are farming out of legendaries without even doing combat on the demo, and its supposed to carry over progression for the actual release of the game??!? Thats a hard pass for me! I dont wanna start day 1 that far behind(on gear and game knowledge), while at the same time watching players exploit mechanics for loot rather than go have fun earning it. I've played games before where i "try to ignore" the people who meta the exploits and its just not fun. Here its not even a prediction, they announced it as a feature.

  6. So The Outriders is a new MMO by Square Enix? only MMO i know of from them is the final fantasy series and i'm not a fan at all on how they handled that game, as a huge final fantasy fan playing nearly all of the FF games, i never touched FF online due to all the strange decisions and mechanics they implemented so I'm not hugely thrilled about this game. I'll wait for multiple weeks at minimum after released to see what people's impressions are. FF Online back in day i never played mainly due to how they charge for each char you make and since a ton of content from what i hear requires grouping, like not solo friendly at all, and heard it's super grindy, just not into MMO's like that anymore.
    EDIT: I looked up the game and the combat completely turned me off, I'm tired of these bullet sponge shooter games where you run into a room with 10 guys shooting at you at once and slowly kill each one while taking million bullets. Just stupid. I want an actual realistic shooting game where you can kill them in 1 or a couple hits and you can also die in a couple hits, where you actually gotta use tactics and cover and various tools etc. Why can't anyone make a game like ghost recon but in an MMO format? Sigh.


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