Community Livestream, Bethesda News, HUGE Channel Announcement & More!

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23 thoughts on “Community Livestream, Bethesda News, HUGE Channel Announcement & More!”

  1. I've noticed reddit becomes very toxic. I'm in various groups and the fallout/bethesda sub-reddits are extremely toxic. Now, TES sub-reddit is pretty supportive. I left Facebook because it's toxic in the fallout groups and it took far too much of my time lol. Much love Skullzi. I've been watching since you popped up on YT.

  2. You ask why people donate to you in your video and answer "they wanna support the channel", i think the answer there is no, people wanna support you, not just your channel,you are great guy who makes very interesting content around games people like to play. If you wanna expand on what you do maybe when starfield or something comes out you could stream or record yourself playing it, I think people would find that enjoyable

  3. I always look forward to your daily updates and videos, I listen to them on the way home from work! You should consider a podcast. Keep up the great work bro. You’re doing great things!

  4. hello from germany. i went to sleep when you was live, so i couldn't be there live and ask THE IMPORTANT question! what is the name of the cat 🐾😻 like you news videos. thank you.

  5. Amazing channel, and one of the few chill people discussing gaming (in general, not just Bethesda related stuff). I'm really curious about the game that you're building and your insights on the game development side of things. Also, if I can give a humble suggestion, I would think covering more gaming stuff (be it rumors or opinions) besides Bethesda would attract a far bigger audience. Anyway, great channel, can't wait for more videos no matter the subject matter (albeit the game development would be very interesting, imho) =)

  6. This was a very chill stream — thank you very much, πŸ’€ zi! (And I hope you and your cat are doing well! Also, noice shirts.) βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨

    New lore videos (from you) would be absolute hype. They would be awesome!! πŸ€™
    Thanks for reading this, and have a good day/night.
    Also remember to drink water.β„’πŸΆ


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