Complete Escape From Tarkov Beginner Guide 2022 Edition! – Patch 12.12

Escape From Tarkov is an extremely overwhelming and complicated game that provides some of the absolute best and most heart pounding FPS gameplay out of any game right now. In this video I aim to give you everything you need to know to start playing Tarkov confidently. This video will be dense and LONG but everything will be timestamped so feel free to use this as a resource to refer back to when you have questions. You can post any questions in the comments below or stop by my Twitch channel and watch me live!


Wiki page on Health Status’ –
Wiki page on Ballistics –
My armor breakdown –
Mapgenie –
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00:00:00 – Intro
01:01 – Disclaimers
01:31 – Wipes Explained
02:19 – Buying the Game
03:05 – Bear Vs USEC
04:40 – Character & Stash Basics
06:39 – The Overall Tab
07:08 – Heath System Explained
12:10 – Medical Items
15:34 – Painkillers
17:50 – CMS & Surv12
19:27 – Stimulants
22:49 – Soft Skills
25:42 – In Game Maps
26:39 – Tasks Tab
27:57 – The Traders
34:13 – The Flea Market
34:45 – Found In Raid Explained
37:50 – Flea Market UI
42:56 – Run Throughs Explained
44:24 – Flea Market For Navigation
46:22 – The Hideout
51:30 – Gun Modification
56:24 – Gun Stats
57:37 – Gun Durability & Malfunctions
01:00:30 – Armor Explained
01:04:10 – Helmets & Ricochet Chance
01:06:07 – Ammo Explained
01:11:55 – Gear Loadouts Explained
01:16:01 – Weight System Explained
01:18:11 – Choosing A Map & Time
01:18:53 – Offline Mode
01:20:18 – Insurance
01:22:44 – Scavs Explained
01:24:59 – Scav Karma
01:28:26 – VOIP
01:29:15 – Spawns & Extractions
01:30:58 – Movement Mechanics

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23 thoughts on “Complete Escape From Tarkov Beginner Guide 2022 Edition! – Patch 12.12”

  1. Timestamps are in the description! I might do a compressed version of this as quick as possible as well. Also, check me out on Twitch sometime and feel free to ask any questions! Good luck out there!

  2. Thank you for this. I just recently got tarkov and played a couple scav runs and one pmc run to try to out. My friends who talked me into getting it pretty much told me that I'll figure it out as I play. Which Im sure is true but some basics are always helpful haha. Thank you

  3. I think skier's theme is supposed to be like competition guns and like expensive precission rifles stuff that isn't really used by militaryies like the DVL or the MK47 (which IRL is semi auto only since it's a civ gun cause the need for such an expensive mix platform is questionable). Meanwhile Jäger is like hunting stuff, shotguns, bolt actions, civilian guns like the VPO 209 (which counts as a shotgun in russia cause it's smoothbore). What should be kept in mind is that each trader pays different prices for stuff.

  4. I see people playing the game but when i went on theyre website they say that i can preorder the beta, does that mean that i cant play until then (i didnt check the date) because i dont get why some random ppl already get to play it.


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