Concepts That Was Better Than Final Champion/Skin | League of Legends

Nancy Kim
Sunny ‘Kindlejack’ Pandita
Augie Pagan
Sunny ‘Kindlejack’ Koda
Gem ‘Lonewingy’ Lim
Zach Sharts
Jesse ‘Trayil’ Li
Alexandr Pechenkin
Citemer Liu
Julian del Rey Aparicio
Justin ‘Earp’ Albers
Oussama Agazzoum
Taylor ‘Medaforcer’ Jansen
Anna ‘Newmilky’ Nikonova
Paul ‘Zeronis’ Kwon
Oscar Vega
Jon Buran
Esben Lash Rasmussen
Horace ‘Hozure’ Hsu
Lei Qin

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39 thoughts on “Concepts That Was Better Than Final Champion/Skin | League of Legends”

  1. Man that was a cool crimson kda akali sure makes me nose bleed, looks closer to the popstar one which is imo much better than all out

    that Zoroark eve too is cool, not that I don't like the current one but that looks cool too

  2. To be fair, if they where making high quality stuff like this all of the time, at some point they will dry out of ides/ everything else what they make is gonna look worse. Every release they try to make to better but at some point the pool of ideas is gonna dry out.

  3. After watching this, I just don't get it why they didn't implement those in the game, Some of them are so cool, but they didn't add them, like why? I don't hate them, I'm just very confused. I like the art design like props on them

  4. Aphelios was Gilgamesh with Gate of Babylon and all, instead of 5 guns we would have had to deal with a dude with unlimited guns and unlimited ammo (give him Chains of Heaven and Ea too why tf not)

  5. Remember that time when vex was supposed to have 2 shadow arms (4 in total) and they didn't release her during ruination event due to complicated mechanics with em? Sigh me too.

    Now we have just boring Billie Elish yordle with random ass shadow


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