CONFIDENCE IS KEY! | Among Us Impostor & Crewmate Gameplay

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23 thoughts on “CONFIDENCE IS KEY! | Among Us Impostor & Crewmate Gameplay”

  1. Side when wavy got killed after confirming you, it was impossible for you to have been an imposter because he confirmed you and he's dead now. You both could have been imposter if you just said you confirmed each other when both of you were still alive, but because you both confirmed each other, and now one of you was dead, it was impossible for one of you to have been the imposter. I really wish you would've brought that up but glad to see you still won

  2. I think emergency rounds should only be able to be called every other round after the voting phase. Otherwise everyone just ends up holding onto them and then spams it when there's only like 4 people left

  3. It’s funny side said he was confirmed good and gets accused right after of being imposter, like that just proves his point of repeating it so he doesn’t keep getting accused

  4. I hope Sidearms can read this.
    Thank you Side for all the entertaining content you've posted throughout all these years. Tbh I had stopped watching The Crew after sophmore year venturing into more dark humor type content. But the one thing that will always bring me back to The Crew is that they are still the same goofy friends from my middleschool years. Really brings the nostalgia back, ive even been binging your videos for days now. I'm glad I grew up watching you guys evolve your channels and meet new friends. Much respect to you all


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