Console Players in Apex OUTRAGED because of this.. (i dont blame them tbh)

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Console Players in Apex OUTRAGED because of this.. (i dont blame them tbh)

JMeyels Here,
Console players not happy after STILL not having word about the next gen console update. Fans also surprised to hear from respawn about new game modes today!

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21 thoughts on “Console Players in Apex OUTRAGED because of this.. (i dont blame them tbh)”

  1. Ive been in the industry for 25 years. There are a few reasons why there hasnt been a “next gen update”.

    The number one reason is that these consoles cannot possibly maintain 120fps on apex. Never in life will that happen unless they implement dynamic resolution scaling which is terrible for input lag in competitive shooters and thats on top of the fact it would make people play in 720p most of the time.

    So respawn will be “working on the problem” indefinitely. And mark my words if they ever do release an actual “next gen update” they are gonna be talking about 4k graphics and textures and quicker load times again. On the off chance they ever actually claim 120fps, they truly mean with massively fluctuating dynamic resolution which is not remotely the same thing as native 120fps.

    There is no communication because Respawn signed numerous nondisclosure agreements to have their game on xbox, so they are not allowed to say that the problem is the hardware and not something on their end.

    I build pc’s, Im an FPS coach, and Ive been involved in the competitive FPS scene since 2004

    You will never be satisfied playing competitive shooters on console. Consoles are like bikes with training wheels. You learn the concept, you get a feel for it, but its not the real thing. If you have ever played on a decent pc, you know that your console is a dvd player that can play minecraft.

  2. Boo hoo no 120 fps, IM ON THE SWITCH THAT CANT EVEN RUN CONSISTENTLY AT 30, 60 and 120 look the same, I don’t see why everyone cares so much after like 70, “yo bro mario kart 8 deluxe runs at 60 fps, on the wii u it was only 59”

  3. Next gen came out soon after this bit it doesn't look different to me at all. Maybe when they drop the 120 fps, but I'm not seeing anything now.


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