Content Creators & Players Are Quitting League of Legends..

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Content Creators & Players Are Quitting League of Legends..

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20 thoughts on “Content Creators & Players Are Quitting League of Legends..”

  1. Curious, do you play more league, same amount of league, or less/quit compared to a few years ago and what do u guys think of the overall topic? I still love the game itself but a lot of content creators are quitting/slowing down lately D:

    edit: and no i am not quitting league as of right now

  2. I used to play a lot. If I could, I would play 5 hours and actually have fun. Now, the game is sometimes fun, sometimes just not worth my time. I play 3 games at most, but I don't even play it mostly.

  3. I play less than I used to by far but for a number of reasons:

    1) Work. That's really a reason. I got a promotion at work and it takes up more time than it used to.
    2) Frustration. Seriously, it's ultimately rare how few games are actually enjoyable. (Between players flaming via chat, pings, etc., you rarely ever find a game where teammates jive and the plan really comes together.) On top of this, why would I want to upset myself before a shift at work. I'm literally sitting for 8 hours stewing on a memory of a bad game, and that will remain after my shift when I get home and even THINK of booting up League of Legends.
    3) Game Balance. The game is straight up frustrating because Riot's balance team doesn't address big issues and allows champions (both individual and classes as a whole) to remain extremely strong for a long period of time or just remain pointless to play. (Case in point, mages as a whole. 6 months, the mid meta was dominated by assassins and none of the other champions were playable. 6 months, and the only buff mages got was a -200g gold cost on Mythic items.)
    4) Time constraints. I'm a manager at work and this puts me permanently on call for 6 out of 7 days in the week. This means I just straight up don't have time to really grind League anymore. Even when I do get time to play on my accounts, I usually either just play one game and swap to another game or just straight up say, "I don't wanna play League today."

  4. If Riot was more decisive and actually gave out 2weeks + or Perma suspensions upon inting or afk it would help prevent the cycle of negativity. Old LoL was amazing. I miss the clunkiness and simplicity of old champs. I miss being able to watch challenger games live from the client so I could learn not to be an autopilot idiot. I miss the old punishment system which actually made it clear that griefing and not playing to win had no place in the game. FeelsStrongMan

  5. I've been playing siece season 3 and honestly, the game just lost its charm but its strange why it happened this year, everyone just had enough i guess. Now im playing single player story games, something that is worth your time.

  6. I dont even play league anymore , quit it in like 2019. I check from time to time content creators to see the state of the game , but thats about it. Had my fun which lasted from 2013 to 2016 and after that the game just started gettin worse slowly but surely.

  7. What makes the mad the most is people playing and acting like the have the knowledge of the game that not even god has, and the you are 4 Kills going splitpush on TOp with a massive CS lead almost winning the game solo and youre teammate int and then blame you for not joining a TF that is lost anyway… but no its my fault now bc ppl think you win a leauge game by Tf in Mid for 45 min and not getting any objective. God i hate that it feels like 95% of the player base did not even watched a single guide.

    And the biggest Problem is that ppl cry about how toxic everyone is and leave the game but then behave the same somewhere else.

  8. Лижка сейчас в таком состоянии, что даже Герои Шторма близзов вполне норм МОБА, несмотря на запущенность.

  9. I moved a couple months ago from NA to EU, and I was planning on changing my league account's region, but to be honest I just haven't missed playing the game. This led to me playing games I had perhaps dropped quicker than I should have and finding far more enjoyment in them than I've had in league for a long time. I'll do it eventually as I have invested time and money into league, but the whole ordeal has just reminded me how soul sucking the game is compared to other titles.

  10. League is very much a good game for what it is, but the very nature of the game itself is being "competitive". Due to its competitve style and nature hence the game can become toxic, and I don't mean the toxicity in which the community is bad. But rather toxic that it hurts your well being. League is a game where you go play to compete and win and not exactly which you play to have fun.


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