CORKI'S NEW BUILD IS GOING TO BE NERFED! – Training for Master | League of Legends

This Corki build is taking over League of Legends right now and I’m expecting it to be nerfed soon… when it gets going it’s poke is absolutely insane. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Corki Mid Gameplay.

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CORKI’S NEW BUILD IS GOING TO BE NERFED! – Training for Master | League of Legends


18 thoughts on “CORKI'S NEW BUILD IS GOING TO BE NERFED! – Training for Master | League of Legends”

  1. Just watched another midbeast video with Showmaker taking this build. He teleported into a fight and got a quadra because his rockets were doing like 35% enemy max health and everyone was stuck in the choke points of the jungle. This definitely seems like a good pick for Huzzy too because it still has some typical mage gameplay but with Season 12 burst emphasis

  2. Good game, I do prefer an uncovered map but it's only a small thing as your experience is important as well. Also you tend to view other lanes when yours is quiet so we still get to look around the map.

  3. Hey Huzz hope you that best man

    I was just wanting to leave down an idea, to kinda change the thumbnail. It has grown old and the thumbnail meta on YouTube is unfortunately real, it gets a lot more clicks and it's sad to see that so many creators have improvised to better and more "cool" (not really but still) thumbnails.

    BEFORE ANYONE FLAMES ME be sure I am definitely not trying to shit on Huzz. I really like his content but unfortunately what I'm saying that he needs to up his thumbnail game is true and kinda diversify it at the very least.

  4. Something I don't understand is how people are fine with assassin's still being able to one shot someone even when they get behind. There have been so many times when where I have hard beat someone like zed, ekko, qiyana etc making them go around 0/7 and be super behind but they still will one-shot me even when I have stuff like zhonyas


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