COUNTER GANK BANG! League of Legends

What happens when you try to gank but everything was a trap? And when your trap is a trap? And when the trap of the trap of the trap was a trap?

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41 thoughts on “COUNTER GANK BANG! League of Legends”

  1. okay so let me try to break down what i just saw for a bit.
    1. xaya goes for a stroll finds both lux and teemo being cute and poking a dead corpse,
    2. xaya spots a ganker in the brush and I think they notice jin too and then they start flashing her randomly?
    3. xaya gets ganked by jin, and then jin gets ganked by …
    you know what? screw it I have no idea whether or not i should try to make logic of this mess..
    all i know is that someone in the league of legends ate the world and now everybody else is dead because of it.


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