Covenant Hunter Abilities | World of Warcraft Shadowlands Marksman/Beast Mastery/Survival

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This video goes over the Covenant abilities for the Hunter class in World of Warcraft. Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolords, and Night Fae! I won’t discuss what one is the best damage but rather how they fit, feel and how fun they are.

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4 thoughts on “Covenant Hunter Abilities | World of Warcraft Shadowlands Marksman/Beast Mastery/Survival”

  1. As cool as Kyrian is, any Night Elf Hunter would be tempted by the Night Fae abilities. So cool. It’s fun when our problem is deciding which good option to pick. I have hope for SL lol great videos man

  2. i've been thinking alot about this as im typically wanting to get better performance where/when i can, currently kyrian is best for all specs, BUT im in love with everything necrolord, as you said, these will be tuned over the expac so im going to go necro with hopes it doesn't fall too far behind performance wise, and i know i can always go kyrian if i need too. my guild is mainly a HC raiding guild with dipping toes into mythic so i dont need to min max, plus in M+ hunters do well anyway without covenants, so im happy with my choice currently.

  3. I personally do not like the style from Venthyr. Neither from the Necrolords. But the chakrams are awesome! I'd love to join the Night Fae. Just love the mail set. But the cooldown is a bit too high. It's a pretty tough decision!


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