Creeper Origins – Minecraft

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I feel like I was sorta inspired by @Avocado Animations at the back of my mind while animating this…anyways here’s the link to his channel…
he’s pretty good at his craft.


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  1. This isn't the origin of a creeper it was supposed to be a pig but something went wrong with the code and it turned into the creeper due to its look notch made it that way and villagers Warrent even made

  2. Before watching this… Your Forest horror story was my favourite…
    The Fucking details you added is just insane bro….
    From 1:10 my mouth was open until the video ended…. And i actually clapped at last…
    Following you since you started….
    And now i am thankful that i stick to this channel …
    You are so good at making this type of videos… Specially a small story types…
    Love from Gujarat… Keep it up… 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Not many people will realise but this refers to a lot of theories and references. For example the theory that the creepers are a plant is shown in the plant found on the pig, which is another reference as Notch mentioned the creeper is actually a failed pig design. Lastly the TNT is a final reference to the insides of the creeper shown in the Minecraft book, where it is shown that the creeper has a TNT inside it.

  4. i dont know which one i prefer, avocados animation or flash in rahul, they both are amazing origin story of the creeper
    avocados animation creeper origin is a witch that try to revive a pig but failed cuz her cat accidently ad some gunpowder, avocados animation also explain why the creeper are afraid of cat, cuz the creeper look the cat like glowing eyes
    while flash in rahul origin story is a pig get ate by a zombie and than a strange flower grow, a villager find the flower and take it and fall into he's dead but land on water, the flower than blossom and tnt fall into the water that have been mutate cuz of the flower, and than the villager that die is been revive but mutate
    the same thing about there story is after the creeper explode, they gonna leave a strange liquid that gonna spread into more creeper
    and hey flash in rahul, are you using avocados arystyle, cuz its perfect for this kinda story


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