CRUNCH! HUGE Changes And Shadowlands Just Around The Corner – Warcraft Weekly

Blizzard’s proving that it’s never too late for big shifts before the Shadowlands launch just around the corner, including the notable ban on multiboxing! We dive back into Torghast to see if it feels any different, Overwolf is back in the news and more!

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49 thoughts on “CRUNCH! HUGE Changes And Shadowlands Just Around The Corner – Warcraft Weekly”

  1. Addons already uploaded as Lua sources and they can be opened like ordinal text files, any illegal activities already disabled in WoW engine for addons. All people need to do (or those who checking addons like "curse" or WoWInterface) is to ensure there no executable files inside. I did some for myself, some were uploaded on both "curse" and WoWInterface, but there is no point in making them – it takes time and all you have is zero money (except some most popular maybe).

  2. I welcome BOB'oh the overlord as our next'next president.

    That Korrak's Laggy revenge quest can be accepted/completed Outside of the BG & Korrak can be killed in Northrend Zul'Drak.
    Then Just queued for The Korrak's Laggy Revenge & turn in. Last Year Style.

  3. Honestly instead of making systems on top of systems they should turn the combat log into a real dps meter and in their own version of DBM/bigwigs and ffs make a new ui where u can have the old or new one that way u wont need addons only for niche things.

  4. Multibox farming in dungeons has the same net effect as the gatherers. It dramatically increases the supply of materials and drops the price. In many high-pop realms, gathering is through dungeons is hardly worth the time. Multiboxing is still frustrating.

  5. Farming is not the only problem they caused, Multi boxers had an unfair advantage in PVP when they can just focus down any player within one global cooldown, giving an unfair advantage to the faction the multi boxer was under.

  6. Don't even need hardware to multibox and get around warden. You can run AHK as a separate user with a renamed executable, and warden shouldn't be able to detect it. Failing that, run each game in a VM, then everything is in its own little world. You can even run those VMs through VPNs that route through different regions, and blizz won't be able to tell they're coming from the same IP.

    I don't plan to do these things myself, but I don't think Blizz realizes that the problem is definitely not solved.

  7. Ehh idk man… even if they were just spamming dungeons by themselves it still affects wow economy. We've reached a point of saturation where we're like some sweat shop workers for penny's.

    With this change certain items will be more expensive however players will be able to obtain more gold for time spent farming as well. It sucks for them on a personal level but for the game health it seems to me to be a healthier path.

  8. I'mma blame blizzard, Not the herb farmers.

    Multitap nodes should have never been a thing, I was saying that since it was introduced. when the came in It made multiboxing too profitable.

  9. Maaaan, as excited as I am about Torghast, I can't help but feel that all my enthusiasm is based on the unwritten, unfortunate rule of "on certain classes." I can't imagine a shaman or priest will have the same experience as you on your paladin, Soul. And in that lies the concern that rising to challenge those "solo friendly classes" straight up locks out laid back players of the "less intended" solo classes. I'd rather see the difficulty curve allow inclusion of all classes at the cost of (*gasp*) some classes will get a bit further. Instead of "some classes get to enjoy torghast, and others, LOL ,hope you're really good!"

  10. Directly or indirectly multiboxing ruins the game for others. Having the wow economy skewed because people are farming on multiple accounts isn't good for anyone except the people doing it. Even if they are getting the gold from dungeons/ raids. I feel sorry for newer players who have to start the game with nothing and see 6 – 7 figure prices on the AH. Even the cost of things like mounts has become crazy to try and balance the massive influx in gold circulating in the wow player base.

  11. Multiboxing can't be defended at all. What am I listening to here? Haha
    You, the player, inputs for one client… you use a program to replicate those commands to several other clients… it's essentially a form of botting. You are not manually playing those other accounts.
    Those people who were maintaining several accounts, will have enough knowledge of the game, the economy and it's mechanics. That they will still be successful in the same regard without multiboxing. Just… with less scope.
    If you'd never heard of multiboxing before. And heard about it's basics for the first time. You'd say it was cheating… and yes, you would.
    The argument going around is that, Blizzard said it was okay and so, it's fine. Well, now they're saying it's not. So now multiboxers will be able to make their "measly" million gold with a couple, a few characters. Rather than 3, 5, 8 million hold multiboxing several characters.
    The people who were able to fund these accounts with tokens bought through gold will be upset just because it isn't as easy to do so. Not because they can't anymore.

  12. Well we had that whole thing where ppl were using 3rd party software for better mogs, but because some pvp asshole wanted to ruin it we had to tank the WHOLE thing. So no, no1 cared to make a distinction then, we ain’t about to make one now

  13. It may be asking a lot but do you have or will you create an "all the new systems video." Covenant System, Renown System, Legendary System, PvP Gearing System, Covenant Sanctum Gearing System, Weekly Vault System is that all of them cuz OMG Systems. My guild and I'm sure others could use a rundown to get the ready for what they need to follow/keep up with on launch.

  14. Overwolf has never been accused of being malware to my knowledge. It's just bloated with advertising trash. It's not going to steal your wallet and your daughter. It's just a ton of added strain on your machine for no reason. Every one of their apps I've tried in the past has run into the same issue where it does its job but it's also running like it's got 20 chrome tabs open. I don't know if this is gonna be the case with the add-on manager, but I've given them enough chances. There are enough options on the market that I don't need to turn to a company that has a history (to me) of shoving out bloatware.

  15. i dont feel bad. half of the boxers that "kept to themselves" farmed xmogs, mounts, and cloth, and screwed those markets. its the same people, causing the same problem, just different wares on the auction house.


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