Cyberpunk 2077 Arcade Games

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Roach Race – Retros – Hishou Panzer – Quadracer – Cyberpunk 2077


30 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Arcade Games”

  1. i never understand why! i mean they made working demos of them why not make a video game of them and let us play it! i mean from the look of the games all it take is like a week at most with each one to make that kind of game!

  2. I didn't understand the amount of arcade machines and how retro the games are (even for our time) but I think I get it now; Because the tech is so advanced where you can have images render in your eyes and braindances to literally feel others' emotions (which would completely destroy the entertainment industry) it makes sense that the only games played anymore are retro. Anything too recent turns people off them. Think 2000-2010s movie licensed tie-in games: Not as simple as retro but also not as fancy as modern games making a lot of them unpalatable. This is probably how everyone in 2077 universe feels about pretty much every game made after of 16-bit era – boring and crude. But retro is cool, the graphics don't ever look 'bad' the way old 3D does, and their simplicity is probably a nice change from the over saturated and extreme content thrown at them daily.
    Why they're still in gigantic metal boxes? Who knows. Maybe they're like junk android phones, so many of them and so cheap so they just show up everywhere.


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