Cyberpunk 2077 – CD Projekt Red CEO's Apology! Updates Bonus Structure For Dev Team!

Cyberpunk 2077 News Updates – CD Projekt RED has issued an internal apology to its dev team. Let’s find out what it says. Stay tuned for more Cyberpunk 2077 updates, patches and more for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC!

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20 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – CD Projekt Red CEO's Apology! Updates Bonus Structure For Dev Team!”

  1. While I am disappointed, I'm also reminded of the Fallout 4 launch and how that game was essentially unplayable for weeks when it first launched. Then I think of Fallout 3. And New Vegas. And Skyrim.

  2. 7 out of 10. For GTA 4 like driving and level Cap. Level Cap is when I stop playing. So going into it knowing there's a point I'll stop being able to level. Really disappoints. Bugs can be patched, and CDPR probably will fix nearly all of them. So my rating is on the game, not the bugs.

  3. Lol 2/10 the funny bugs in the game ups the score lol, gameplay is boring, city is lifeless and bland when it is rendered in. They made out u could do everything in this game yet you can't even change your hair bit pathetic really, this game had been worked on longer than red dead 2, yet rdr2 is still the best game I've played yet! Can guarantee this is the biggest flop of the year, let's hope it can do a 180 and improve.

  4. It’s so fucking stupid. Fans beg for the game to be released as early as possible, the devs say it isn’t ready. They say they don’t care, and so its released half baked. And then the retarded fans blame the devs for a buggy and unplayable launch.

  5. I guess I don’t see the big deal, the devs will get their bonuses. As for the game being buggy on release….EVERY GAME IS BUGGY ON RELEASE. Doesn’t matter how much it’s delayed or pushed back there will always be problems when a game drops.

  6. I think the game its a 10 above all the released problems and why i said that… cuz cdprojectR isn't EA o BUggisoft and its like the witcher saga it had his problems on the start but it came up really perfect with all the fixes mods and dlcs….on my personal exp on GOG i just have crossed on a few bugs but man non of them have taking me out of the game or make me restart a quest or something like that…im just taking my time and enjoying all of night city have spend some time watching tv on the game haha. On consoles as i know their releases where to be basic and have to get better with updates and if u have a ps4 or xbox one be patience u are playing a game form next gen on a 7 years old console its a miracle it can be played there, as far as i now the versions on the new console-gens its the one of the old-ones but running with more horsepower and the real version will come up in a month or somenthing like that…. to conclude i said enjoy the trip take it slow dont rush a game that can deliver all that u where waiting for (i wait more than a year to finish the witcher III to have it with all de updates mods to have the best o f it ).

  7. I understand people have had issues with game. I play on ps4 base and simply have not experienced these game breaks. For me its a 9. I will never give a game a 10 untill i have really experienced it all. Maybe in a month it will be a 10 for me.

  8. 8.5/10, it has potential to be 10/10.. but the bugs, crashing, and other minor annoyances that need fixing.. but hey look at skyrim, highly successful and a great game despite how bad the bugs were so I'd sat hive CDPR some time to correct the issues as they're brought to the spotlight and enjoy this beauty we've been waiting on for too long


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