Cyberpunk 2077 Has a Massive Unsolved Mystery

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Today we take a look at a big mystery. Cyberpunk 2077 has a giant mystery that nobody has figured out the solution to yet. This spans multiple years and encompasses the Cyberpunk 2077 ARG, but also may extend into the game with characters like Mr. Blue Eyes, Night Corp, and even the FF:06:B5 mystery.

Intro – 00:00
The Cyberpunk ARG Recap – 02:10
Final Part of the ARG Unsolved – 09:17
In Game Mystery – 11:48



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29 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Has a Massive Unsolved Mystery”

  1. So a mind control project aimed at being able to influence peoples actions. And this project is being used to make real people do a bunch of real stuff in the real world. I would say their mind control project is a success so far

  2. So I dunno if this means anything, but a jingu-ji is an actual thing: a shrine dedicated to both a Shinto Kami and Buddha. The idea is that both are worthy of veneration, but a Kami being a creature of free will and emotional failings must also learn order from the Buddha. These two religions were practiced equally for centuries in Japan until the rise of Confucian nationalism drove them apart, and it's only in fairly modern times that the distinction has blurred again – largely due to broad secularization in Japan. The implications of a lost or secret organization dedicated to union of mankind with gods or spirits in the Cyberpunk universe should be pretty obvious, especially when you listen to how the Voodoo Boys and Maelstrom talk about "wild" AI on the deep net.

  3. Thanks for the in depth recap. I wasn’t following the game until recently so had no idea this existed. I purchased the game the other day and despite the bugs and the controversery I think it’s an amazing experience. Liked and subscribed.

  4. look i played got all the endings the game has 0 replayability for me without 3rd person because you can only get but so into a story as a floatimg screen with hands …. look i think in alot of ways the game is revolutionary but the actual presense of player choice and the freedom to choose on things like imteractions and visual modes as well as game mechanics are pidgion holed into a single line . i dont count the glitches against the game those are fixable but i do count the active choice to say screw the playere were not doing that as a strike . so im over putting in effort for something i wont enjoy.

  5. my takeaway is that CDPR will base all the the DLC content around the current endings, as well as the secret ending. No doubt there are still some unfound details from in-game that could potentially solve some parts of the mystery; however, i think the DLC will expand further into the various epilogues rather than add a bunch of side quests around the city. We all know the "turn back, nothing for you out there… yet" when venturing too far, which is an obvious hint for where or how the map could be expanded through DLC. Specifically, the max-tac officer's from Jinguji, Mr. Blue Eyes / Peralez's, and the Aldecaldo's "new (old) home" can all be separate additional story lines that expand on the current story, open up new parts of the map, and eventually all are shown to be connected pieces of the puzzle.

    join max-tac or destroy max-tac,
    work with blue eyes or betray blue eyes,
    you find that the Aldecaldo's new home isn't how they left it and you either help them take it back or return to NC and claim a zone slightly beyond the border, still opening up the map still

    obviously i love this game too much but i am just really excited to see what the DLC will hold for all of us who are still playing or waiting to pick it up again. but to wrap this up, max-tac, other than being a gruesome storyline, would dive into cyberpsychos and how the corps are getting away with all of this. Mr Blue Eyes would begin with the crystal palace heist and expand on rogue AI's and as V learns more about him, he becomes suspicious and opens the role of working with him or betraying him. To me, the aldecaldo's expansion could be amazing, take V to a new state and meet new people, mainly I would expect to find out where Dakota learned everything she did and maybe V meets some OG Netrunners who could fix his problems.

  6. Yeah the mystery of how a polish company spends 7-8 years on a video game and it comes out less polished than games made in 1 year by other companies (as long as it is not bethesda)

  7. i bought cp77 on release day….played for 1 week….then just ….uninstalled. Underwhelming… just hoping for the day when its a fuckn awesome game. Is that day here already? Is it gunna come? Thx.


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